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Disk Message

Type: Freeware (see below)
Current Version: 1.1
Size (ZIP file): 20KB

Allows you to create a custom "Non system disk or disk error" message for a floppy disk. You can create your own message, up to three lines of text (limited number of characters). This program is freeware but will append an advert for this site to the end of the message. This is only free for use in non commercial applications. A version which does not append an advert can be obtained for a small fee (this can be used for commercial applications), please ask for details.
Useful for creating messages on data disks which are easier for novice users to understand.
This program could also be used to customise your disks or to create fun messages (my favourite being "Error banana in disk drive!").
Next Planned Version:
V2.0 will have the ability to save messages and show an existing customised message on a disk. Better disk checking will be employed and command line parameters added to facilitate batch processing of a number of disks.
A freeware non commercial version like this one will be available.
Known Bug:
Some machines running Windows crash after continuing from the message, I have yet to determine why this happens. If this happens I recommend that you instruct users to press CTRL-ALT-DEL instead of any key. (Disk Message does not automatically inform the user to press any key, this should be included in the custom message).
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