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Type: Freeware (see below)
Current Version: 1.1
Size (ZIP file): 11.4KB

When run from a DOS prompt this will give you the sizes of all Gif file contained in the directory and will also tell you the maximum width and height it encountered.
This is only free for non-commercial use, commercial use requires a small fee to be paid, please email me for details.
Finding the maximum picture size required for an animated GIF.
With web site authoring you can use GifDir to find the size of the GIF files in order to set their width and height attributes in the IMG element.
Next Planned Version:
V2.0 will be extended to include JPEG's and BMP's along with the ability to search a supplied directory rather than only work in the current one. I also intend to write a GUI version.
Known Bug(s):
V1.0: Scrolled the first file it encountered off the screen.
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