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Diskette Imager

Type: Freeware
Current Version: 1.1
Size (ZIP file): 30KB

A freeware diskette imager program which produces self extracting images that run under DOS. Its the first of a planned suite of programs intended for data recovery from FAT12 formatted diskettes. Both the imager and self extracting images it produces have a GUI which support, but do not require, a mouse. The imager program offers two options for image creation, complete or minimal. A complete image will create an image which stores all sectors on the diskette, even one which does not utilise FAT12. The minimal option only stores the file system sectors and any allocated clusters on FAT12 formatted diskette, which makes for a smaller file size whilst still allowing boot disks to be created.
Distributing boot disks over the Internet.
Backing up installation diskettes.
Next Planned Version:
V1.2 Will have a "browse" dialogue for file naming and the ability to create and restore non self-extracting images. In addition you will be able to extract selected files from an image and change the instruction text displayed by the self extracting images.

There will also be 2 spin-off programs:

A command line version.
Diskview, A disk viewer/editor which will be able to manipulate images as well as disks.
Known Bug(s):

The self-extracting images are incredibly slow writing to disk when run under Windows.

Occasionally DOS may write error messages over my forms.

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