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Type: Freeware
Current Version: 1.1
Size (ZIP file): 7.28KB
Program suggested by: Mcky

A program which generates and returns a random number within a given range value. RNDERROR accepts one command line parameter, a whole number between 2 and 99 inclusive, and returns with a random error level between 1 and the given range (also inclusive). Included is an example file, EXAMPLE.BAT, which utilises RNDERROR to produce a simple "coin toss" batch file.
Possible application:
Invoking a random action inside a batch file.
Next Planned Version:
None planned.
Known Bug(s):
Version 1.0 if terminated using CTRL+BREAK or CTRL+C could cause a crash, V1.1 prevents this. Please note V1.0 does not report itself as such, it displays nothing on screen at all.
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