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Most of the programs here are things which I've written whilst learning about a certain topic to aid my understanding of it, knowing the theory and putting it into practice are two different things. Some of these are quite trivial but they may still prove useful to someone, you never know.
Other programs were requested or written after seeing "How do I..." questions posted at forums.
The third type of program you will find here are ones that I needed or wanted and decided to make available to others.

To help you use these program many of the distribution zip files include an "Idiot guide", a file called IDIOT.TXT, which tells you step by step how to get some basic functionality from the software.

All my programs are written for DOS, but for the most part they will run in a DOS box under Windows just as well.

If you prefer to have Windows style controls then take a look at the graphical user interface (GUI) software that I've written. The programs there should be fairly easy to use if you are familiar with Windows.
If you wish you can click here to see screen shots from programs in this section.

For those of you who can cope with command line programs then there is also section which contains command line programs which I've written.

To see the projects which are currently in the pipeline take a look at my Projects in Development page.

GUI Software.
GUI Software


Command line Software.
Command line Software

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