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Updates Log For Year 2000


  • 30th December 2000.
Fixed the broken link (24/12/00) rather than removing it.
  • 24th December 2000.
Moved all unfinished software projects into a separate area.
Fixed a broken link in Disks in Detail section.
Added a notice to the notices section.
Added a temporary page concerning an email address I used at
  • 20th December 2000.
Modified links page.
  • 2nd December 2000.
Added a couple of paragraphs to the Disks in detail section.(The FAT and Boot sector pages) I also changed the (C) for the © symbol.
  • 29th November 2000.
Amended Status page.
  • 25th November 2000.
Added Status page.
Added Notices page.
Amended the GUI programs pages.
Corrected a problem with the disks in detail area. I also added my FOXy2K logo (hyperlinked) in an attempt to draw visitors to what was intended to be my main page.
Corrected the title of this page.
Corrected a few spelling mistakes.
  • 11th November 2000.
Added this page.
Scrapped the welcome page and replaced it with a modified version of the contents page.
Fixed a problem that stopped people reaching the Disks in Detail
section from anywhere other than the contents page.
Finally added a books page.

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