Container for Zambia

The 'Katherine Anne' left Portbury Dock, Bristol on Saturday 14th June. On it was the HHI container filled with valuable donated goods including 85 wheelchairs, hospital bed, 140 crutches, 20 boxes of clothes and shoes, tools, blankets, books, Bibles, 11 sewing machines and so many more valuable items such as refurbished computers and ceramic tiles for tiling the clinic and pharmacy in Monze. This has become such a major part of our Christian outreach which we really would like to continue.

Braille Embossing

The work with the blind students in the print department in Monze continues and the first commission from UNICEF for the printing of school syllabi is now complete. This was not without complications, however. One of the Braille machines is not functioning well and help was sought from Technovision Ltd here in the UK. With their tremendous help and generosity the Braille books are now with the Curriculum Development Centre, Lusaka and ready for distribution. Furthermore HHI(z) has been asked to collect sample books of all the subjects from the local schools and prepare quotations for the transcription of all the subject areas into Braille. This will be the first time that this will have been achieved in Monze and indeed throughout Zambia.

Scottish Scouts visit to Monze, Zambia, August 11th - 17th

Connor, Ruridh, David, Declan, Rory, Lewis, Chris, Lawrence, Robert, Craig, Jordan, and Niall are the names of the 12 Strathaven scouts, aged between 15 and 17 who will be travelling to Monze along with their leaders Chris, Niall, Tim and lain. They are flying from their home near Glasgow via Heathrow where they will be met by Andy Walker, Robert, Ron and Jute. This is the first time that a group of young people are visiting the work of HHI in Zambia. The scouts are belonging to the 1st Strathaven scout group of which Ron is a former member and King's Scout. The Woodland Family Trust has funded much of the expenses of the trip but the boys have worked hard in order to raise their own funds too. Along with a visit to Livingstone and the nature reserve Lochinvar they will be camping in the Play Park. Here they will be working alongside Monze staff to put up a water storage tank which will provide a constant source of water for the children in the park. They are also planning to build a brick shelter for the Hammer mill, a machine which pounds maize very quickly and will hopefully provide income for a group of disabled people in Chipembele. If time allows they may also be laying water pipes to provide water for the Police cells. Robert, who is a plumber will certainly be very much in demand.

The HHI Farm at lsca Village, Monze, Zambia

September is a time when we turn our thoughts to Harvest and thanks- giving. For many it is a time for a fresh start after the holiday period. At Isca farm the cabbages have been harvested and the tomatoes are ripe and ready to be sold locally. The chickens are well established and eggs are proving to be a food source of income. Cosmos and Musonda are our responsible farm overseers who spend each day working at the farm and collecting eggs for sale in the local community. Much of the produce is also used within the HHI food outlet which has been serving food since May this year following on from last years' Harvest Appeal. (See Harvest Project which is to provide cows for the farm.) Both the farm and the food outlet have provided Monze well with a varied menu and hopefully this Autumn, maize will be sown in readiness for the ensuing November rains.