What a Load of Rubbish!

At HHI we rely heavily on you, our supporters, to give us your ‘rubbish’. Some of this stays within the UK and is re-cycled and earns money for us. A lot goes on our annual container to Zambia, where it is put to good use in our headquarters or the local community. For your information here is a small, but not comprehensive, list of some of the items we need.


Mobile phones (if they still have a battery inside).
(Please note we do not want the phone chargers.)

Used stamps

Old or foreign coins

Hearing Aids


Wheelchairs, arm crutches, and walking sticks

Used Printer Cartridges we can recycle (but not EPSON cartridges.)

The following extract from the Report of Jonah Sialumano, the Zambian Disability Affairs Manager, gives an inkling of how our rubbish is so well received and used in Zambia:

Recently, the following people received the following help:

Mata Nzala, 70, Fracture - Walking Frame
Osward Chimbwe, 14, Physically Disabled from a Snake Bite - Pair of Crutches
Malaria Milambo, 79, Old Age - Walking Stick
Siatwina Ziyo, 61 Stroke - Wheelchair
Milambo Hiyongo, 35 - Amputee, snake bite - Pair of Crutches
Josephine Chilobe, 72 - Old age, Walking Stick
Margaret Chilala, 61, Fracture - Walking Frame
Hendrix Mwinga, 14, Fracture - Pair of Crutches
Felix Simbyabula, 43, Paralyzed - Wheelchair
K. Mukosiku, 70, Amputee - Pair of Crutches
Hazyondo G., 43, Fracture - Pair of Crutches
Catherine Hatimbula, 31, Physically Disabled - Walking Stick
Ezekiel Mweemba, 70, Amputee - Pair of Crutches
Jessie Vina, Age unknown - Pair of Crutches
Mostered Himuyobe, 36, Physically Disabled - Pair of Crutches
Mutinta Nchube, 12, Fracture - Pair of Crutches
Daniel Haketa, 74, Fracture - Walking Frame
Ruth Kasato, 33, PhysIcally Disabled -Pair of Crutches
Augustine Mizinga, 42, Fracture after a car accident - Pair of Crutches
In addition, wheelchairs and Baby Weighing Scales were donated to Monze Mission Hospital, and Crutches to the Community Based Intervention Association.