It is very sad to report the death on 16th October of Dr. Tony Hartley who although having serious illnesses for a number of years had been very active until recently.
Tony was a stalwart of HHI and it was he and his previous wife, Lily, who predeceased him, who had answered Ron’s appeal for a doctor to visit Mpongwe Mis­sion hospital in the early days of HHI.
He responded with alacrity and in so doing he saved many lives and was the catalyst for Ron advertising throughout Europe resulting in Dutch Drs. Marieke and Wim following Tony to Mpongwe and giving several years to that hospital.
He will be greatly missed and our sympathy is with Ann, his widow and family.
(You can read more about Tony in the little HH1 book ‘A Doctor for Mpongwe’, £1.30 from HH1)