Kumfi and Kosi

The adventures of Kumfi and Kosi is an excellent way of involving the children for it is an interactive project whereby two friends - Kumfi, a lion cub and Kosi, a tiger cub have a number of adventures with their other animal friends and which are contained in a series of booklets. The story is related to the children by an adult using plenty of expression and then   re-enacted by the children using the animal puppets, which are loaned by HHI.

‘Many Paws Make Light Work’ is a story where the friends help to rebuild the house of Mrs. Scrofa, a wild boar whose house had been destroyed.

This is then followed up by the children working to collect money to do as Kumfi and Kosi did which in this case is to rebuild a house in Zambia.

In addition to the excellent range of animal puppets that are loaned for an agreed period, copies of the colourful book are given FOC to each child as are Button Badges, posters, etc

This may be a good way for your children to help the flood situation in Zambia. If so just contact the HHI office.