Mission India

An international agency with a clear vision and commitment to proclaim the love of Christ and plant  disciple making churches in the unreached villages and cities of India.

Mission building

During the recent visit to India of Ron, Edmund and Eddie they were trying to find the home of Mohanan, a young man for whom HHI had supplied a heart pace-maker and they stopped a passer-by to enquire. He was able to direct them to the correct address and asked that after their visit that he would like them to come to his house for some refreshments and this they duly did and were glad to be given some tea and bananas.

The house was a small humble dwelling and he was looking after his two delightful children whilst his wife was out. As they sat enjoying the tea they noticed that the walls had many pictures and a notice that stated:

Christ before Career
Character before Ministry
Unity before Growth
People before Program
Ownership before Organisation
Unreached before Reached
Integrity before Popularity

Mission students

On enquiry it turned out that he was Pastor Samuel, and was in charge of a Bible School, training 30 young men in evangelism and church planting, and in helping the poor and needy through compassion programmes, such as orphanages, medical clinics, schools and literacy programmes.

It also transpired that when his wife was a child Tom had helped her family with milk and food with money that HHI had given him in the early days. Another amazing ‘coincidence’, or more likely another part of God’s jigsaw for HHI.

Could we work together was the thought in everyone’s mind?

It didn’t take long before Eddie, who is a renowned Bible Teacher, was engaged to give two morning’s tuition at the end of which many of the students rededicated their lives to God and the work. Later they were taken to see the new building that was being erected, and which was to become a School with accommodation for 50 students and also for 50 orphans with each student being paired with an orphan (a unique idea). Ron was very interested in this scheme and enquired if there was any thought of taking in disabled orphans or disabled abandoned children.

This had not been considered but it was agreed that it would be discussed and if thought appropriate then perhaps HHI could sponsor some of these children.

So ‘watch this space’ for future announcement! All in all it was felt that this was an exciting connection and in line with the aims of HHI to bring relief, both physical and spiritual to the destitute and those in need.