Floods in Monze

After receiving desperate e-mails and texts directly from Zambia over the past few days I have to share with you what has become a terrible situation which is devastating the Monze area. New Year has not started at all well for many of our friends, employees and disabled trainees in Monze.


Since 21st December it has been raining heavily and almost continuously resulting in ‘More than 500 houses collapsing in the Monze district leaving families homeless with property worth millions destroyed due to heavy rains.’(Lusaka Times 31st Dec.)

Not only have homes been lost but within the compounds lives have been lost as homes collapsed onto families during the night. Bridges have been washed away, roads are impassable and people are isolated without food or clean water.

flood damage

Four of our employees and trainees including our disabled carpenter Robbie (left) have had their homes completely destroyed. The community has called upon HHI to help and so far we are the only NGO which has already responded by supplying tents, (sent in the recent container) moving destitute families to alternative buildings including our rondavals at Isca Village, and reaching isolated people with our vehicles.

It was reported that no-one has ever experienced rain like this before in Zambia and there is an immediate need for shelter, rebuilding homes and providing food. Seed and soil have been washed away and this will lead to starvation. As a direct result of the stagnant water, malaria and cholera will no doubt present further health hazards.

HHI U.K. was able to send out immediately £1,000 for relief and it is good to report that this has been extremely useful. An e-mail from Zambia received 24th January gives the following information:
“Dear Jute, Find attached pictures of cement beneficiaries and two batches of cement we bought from the money we received from you stored in the big room. We managed to buy 100 x 50kgs pockets of cement at K75,000 per pocket. Out of 330 families that are affected we have been able to assist 50 families from this donation which is a big help to them. Rain still continues in the same manner and this has seen a lot of crops and houses being washed away. This has caused a lot of families to run short of food as their reserves have also been washed away. Coming out of a meeting now the District Commissioner has asked us to help with food stuffs if we are able. Most urgent need is mealie meal. Monze urban 459 families are faced with starvation and need help. I told her that we are not able to meet the needs of all these people but we shall try to seek help from our partners and whatever they are able to donate to the affected people then we shall inform her office.”


It is not easy to call on your generosity having just had such wonderful support during Advent and Christmas but without our help what hope do these people have in the New Year? The HHI headquarters is within walking distance for these families and they are looking to us for urgent help. Can we let them down? We are making this an emergency appeal hoping that HHI (U.K.) will be able to respond before disease and death take over.