Alternative Gifts Scheme

Once again, the Alternative Gifts Scheme has been successful in providing help for those in need in India and Zambia. To date, you have purchased gifts to the value of around £11,700. Our greatest expenditure has been on wells, medicines and hospital transport.

The current catalogue is operative until October 2009 and a copy is still available. Please contact us for a copy of you require one.

Last Christmas, the children of St John’s Church, Tenby used the Alternative Gift Catalogue in a very novel manner.

They played a game of “Pass the Parcel”. The last piece of paper ripped off revealed a H.HI. catalogue, from which the children would have the privilege of choosing the ‘Surprise Gifts’ to be sent to Monze. The little colourful bags given out by them last week were then collected and placed on the Christmas tree to be taken into Junior Church and the monies inside them counted.