Daffodil Leaves

During the last months of 2008 a group of ladies we support in India were busy painting daffodils on to dried leaves (the same leaves as are used for our attractive leaf hangers and Christmas cards).
Daffodil leaf
They hand painted 1600 and these were brought back to Wales in January. They were made to celebrate St David’s Day on March 1st. Those of you who are not Welsh may not understand how patriotic we get on this day. With few exceptions, most primary schoolchildren will go to school suitably attired; the girls wearing Welsh costume, the boys as miners, or more commonly now rugby players. Many adults will also wear a buttonhole emblem.

1100 leaves were sent to local churches and 500 were sold in the foyers of supermarkets in Newport and Flint. We had never before done ‘public’ collecting so were uncertain of what to expect.

We needn’t have worried. At Tesco and Asda in Newport we’d sold out by early afternoon and could easily have doubled our sales! Never mind, at these venues we raised £500, and equally importantly made 500 people, who had never previously known about HHI, aware of our work. Some of these contacts are already bearing fruit.