Spring has arrived; the clocks have gone forward, the trees are in bud, the flowers are blooming, birds are nest building. What a glorious time.

At HHI we see it somewhat differently; it takes on another meaning.

The hall where we store the items so generously donated by our many supporters and organisations has no light, no heating and no water. During the winter months we collect items, take them to the hall, put them somewhere, anywhere, and slam the door.

With the warmer, lighter days we can spend time there sorting and packing and tidying up as we go along to make a bit more space.

Three weeks ago there was scarcely room to walk through, every inch of floor space was being used. With a few days concentrated effort we’ve checked and stacked 50 wheelchairs, sorted and packed many boxes of medical equipment, nearly new clothing, books, play equipment and games, tools, blankets, spectacles, cloth and haberdashery...and lots, lots more.

We’ve uncovered an architectural feature not seen for a long time - the floor!

All this work is in preparation for the big push in early June when we will spend 3 hours packing a 40 foot container (60 cubic metres) for despatch to Zambia. This will probably take place on the evening of Friday June 5th, so if you live locally and wish to help please ring the office for further details.

As you will have read elsewhere in this newsletter, in May Jonah is coming from Zambia to Newport. He will be able to come to the hail and give us his local ‘on the ground’ advice on his priorities and needs.

With the impending redevelopment of the church hall at Stow Park we will be losing this valuable storage space. If you know of a suitable building in the Newport area, about the size of a tennis court, and most importantly available free of charge please let us know.

We’re desperate!