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October Supporter's Evening

Ron with retirement cake and hoping for a quieter time!

Ron with cake

HHI Committee

Management committee

Left to Right: John Spurrier­-Davies (Website);

Chris Byrne (North Wales and Wirral rep);

Jute Williams (Administration and Zambia);

Mike Hopkin (Logistics and container);

Edmund Plummer (India);

Stafford Sherlock (Funding and publications);

Brian Medhurst (Accounts, following on from Anne Marchant (front row)

Anne Marchant

Our grateful thanks go to Anne Marchant who has regularly maintained the accounts for HHI since its inception and now feels it is time to hand over to Brian Medhurst.

Anne writes, “I first met Ron when I went to work for him at his business called Instat. This was in 1992 and I did the accounts. In 1999 I retired and thought that was the end of my working days. I still kept in touch with Ron and in 2001 he asked me to do the accounts for HHI. I found this to be a great joy, especially when I went with Ron, Jute and Sian to Zambia in 2002. Working for HHI has given me much pleasure and, although I have now retired again, I am still doing the Gift Aid for HHI and still keep in touch with Jute and the team. I pray that the vision Ron had for Africa and India will continue and that Jute will know God’s leading in all things.”

HHI Trustees

UK trustees

John Spurrier- Davies
Chris Byrne
Edmund Plummer
Ron Prosser (Chairman)
Dr Chris John
Susan Chalmers