Supporters’ News

Welcome to 2009. Once again we are indebted to your loyal and committed support. Your regular giving has kept us going despite the credit crunch and the bad news, which seems to fill our newspapers on a daily basis. By way of contrast, here’s some good news.

Ceilidh (Barn Dance)

HHI supporters showed themselves to be energetic dancers at our Barn Dance on 14th March and, in the process, raised £240. There was a strong feeling that the event should be repeated in the future. Thanks to Ruth Dixon of Amrysain for all her work in making the event so enjoyable.

Police Choir Concert

On 28th March more than 200 of you turned up to St Julian’s Methodist Church to hear the Police Choir sing everything from the South African national anthem to spirituals and Welsh hymns. The guest soloist, Esther Williams, enthralled everyone with her virtuosity on the violin and saxophone. One supporter was overheard to say that she wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Together we raised around £1,000 for the work in Zambia and India. We also gave our new banners an airing and they certainly attracted a lot of interest and positive comment. A big thank you to all in the choir, to Esther and to the ‘backroom’ organisers for making it such a memorable event.

Unwanted coins

What happens when supporters send their unwanted or out-of-date coinage to HHI? Nigel Counsell, a supporter in Cardiff, working with David Banyard, turns them into funds for HHI. We have just received an amazing £400 from them. So if you have any unwanted Pesetas or Pennies, we can find a home for them!

'Behind the Numbers'

A booklet entitled ‘Behind the Numbers’ has just been produced. It tells the stories of five people whose lives have been improved by coming into contact with HHI. We can supply copies if you feel you could use it in raising awareness of our work. There’s no charge.


It is always sad when a supporter passes away, but we are grateful for the support Dr Tony Hartley gave us during his life and for the generous legacy of £4,000 he bequeathed to HHI.