Alister Mwecte

One of the people employed at the centre is Alister Mwecte, a tailor. She is the surviving member of quadruplets who were born in 1982. Her brothers and sister died upon being born and her parents were so poor that they could not afford to look after themselves.


Due to traditional beliefs that a woman who bears twins or more and they die or one survives such a woman is cursed and the survivor remains taboo in the family. The child is expected to stay a sufferer thereby causing a lot of problems in the family because they will be spending on them throughout their lives.

As a result Alister was abandoned by her parents. Fortunately enough her grandmother offered to bring her up. Unfortunately Alister developed a leg problem which was later diagnosed as being cancerous. Then on March 30 2000 her left leg was amputated in Monze Hospital.

By then she was doing her Grade Ten. She stayed in hospital for three months to allow for the healing of her leg wound. She was then transferred to the "Holy Family" hospital for physiotherapy work. A "Good Samaritan" provided her with an artificial leg which she is using still.

After being discharged from the hospital she had nowhere to stay but another "Good Samaritan" has taken her in and even now is looking after her. This Good Samaritan even provided funds for her to train in tailoring at the home craft centre in Monze.

She would like to thank all of the supporters for the donation of the sewing machines which have given her some form of employment and has enabled her to see a future.

Left alone without brother or sister Alister is requesting you to remember her in your prayers for she feels the world is too big for her on her own.