Fundraising Close Shave

HHI’s Nigel Douglas has made a big sacrifice for us – he had a sponsored beard-shave at our Autumn rally on September 20th. And, to his amazement, Indian worker Tom Sutherland had a shave in sympathy, losing his own long white beard at exactly the same time.

The beard, which Nigel has had for 14 years, is to go, in public, in support of the Tentmakers, who are Tom Sutherland’s group of pastors in India. Many people in Britain have been impressed by the work of these men, who have generally given up their own possessions to work for those in greater need, and Tom brings them together once a week to work on crafts which can be sold to pay for their work. There is an idea that HHI support might establish a credit bank which might make their life a little less hazardous.

Sadly, one of Tom’s group died recently. In an admirable gesture of support, the pastors went as a group to do repair work on the house of the bereaved family, and will be giving 400 Rupees (about £6) every month to the family.

In front of around 70 people at the Hill St URC church in Newport, Nigel lost his beard - and was amazed to see, projected by the director, pictures of a newly clean-shaven Tom Sutherland, surrounded by the Tentmakers, carrying messages of encouragement!