In Time For Three -

But Too Late For Elizabeth

On 6th August, 2003 Fred and his wife Bupe and their three children, Elizabeth aged 6 years old, Chisha aged 3 years old and Mwamba aged 1 year 10 Months were sleeping in the grass thatched house at Lukanga fishing camp some 50Kilometers west of Monze when it caught fire.
Fred and Bupe tried to save their children by throwing them outside but because the whole house was made of grass it was so difficult for them to remember the position of their children. After a long while, in a smoke filled house Fred managed to locate Chisha and Mwamba. He threw them out and went back to locate Elizabeth. Elizabeth's position was so difficult to locate because she was now choked with smoke and was just lying unconscious. Fortunately Fred stepped on her and realized it was her daughter. He got her in his hands in the midst of the burning house and threw her out.
In the midst of confusion it became difficult for Fred to think of what to do next other than watch his house and all his belonging destroyed fire. It took a little while when the neighbours thought of looking for a vehicle to rush Fred and his wife and children to the nearest clinic. Fortunately, an old vehicle was found and could only manage to reach the clinic. The clinical officer at the station could not do anything because the situation demanded the intervention of Doctors from Monze Hospital which also has better facilities. Fortunately another vehicle was found which brought Fred and his family to Monze Hospital.
Upon arrival of this family the Hospital authorities wrote to my office asking our involvement in the provision of logistics to help this family that was left with nothing. HHI Zambia provided them with blankets, food clothes and other daily requirements from helps fund that you the supporters send to us.
Unfortunately, on the 7th Elizabeth could not manage to hold on as she was badly burnt.. she died. HHI provided the coffin and all other burial requirements including transport to ensure that Elizabeth is properly put to rest.
Fred, Bupe , Mwamba and Chisha are still nursing their wounds in the hospital. Of the three Chisha is in a very bad state.
See picture below.

CHISHA- 3 years old girl.

Your contributions through helps fund has saved a lot of lives. A lot of patients are being referred to us for medical help. Had it not have been your generosity, I wonder where my fellow Zambians would have been running to. Please continue with your good will and remember this family in your prayers.

Little Chisha is in pain. You can even see the inside of her stomach. Chisha will need to go for a plastic surgery because the whole of her face was burnt even the eye brows are gone. I know Chisha is going to survive but can we find money for her plastic surgery?

God Knows!