£90,000 of Compassion

Our supporters have been extremely generous over the past year - the unaudited records for the twelve months to November show that our total income was around £89,000, which with the tax benefit of Gift Aid means we have raised something over £90,000 for our work.

This of course was boosted quite considerably by the unexpected famine appeal, which produced an admirably generous response, in the region of £18,000.

The HHI principle is not to keep money in the bank when it can be out doing good, and so the treasurer is likely to report to supporters that of the £90,000, something like £71,000 has already gone out to do good work.

That leaves around £20,000, of which half is already destined for certain projects. That in turn leaves £10,000 available for our ongoing work.

Once again, expenses are expected to be astonishingly low, largely because most of those who do work for us do not charge for their time, and pay their own costs.