HHI's Mobile Clinics
have a change of emphasis

The HHI Mobile Clinic has recently had to change it's work, and it is right that it should so that it meets the needs of the area.

An e-mail from Monze informs us:

"Following the introduction of free medical services in Zambia
by the government it became very difficult for us to continue running
the hard-to-reach areas for which we have been providing curative medical services.
The government has also introduced outreach programmes to these areas being conducted by clinical officers from the nearby Rural Health Centres who have been given bicycles or motor cycles to reach those areas.

After assessing the new development I had a meeting with the District Health Director where it was noted that we would be duplicating services.

So we had to look for a medical service which is not being provided by the government outreach programme and have now rearranged our mobile clinic to provide Audiology Testing, as we have the only suitable equipment
for this in the area, and also Eye Care.
We are now working with the Eye Nurse at the local hospital
who has an outreach programme to fulfil but is unable to do so
because she has no transport.

So we are now enabling her to do so and in addition provide glasses
as required from the stock of used spectacles that have been sent out from the U.K.
These are now being graded in our clinic using the Grading Machine that was recently brought out by Ron.
Therefore our Mobile Clinic is now an Audiology and Eye Care outreach.

Apart from this we are working hand in hand with the District Health Team in many ways such as Child Health Week and epidemic outbreaks as they occur, commnunity sensitisation on health matters, district health task force in improving health standards and providing health services at government and traditional ceremonies.

Our boat engine and camping equipment is also being used by the government at the Kafue River Flats where our Mobile Clinic used to operate, so we are still helping in that area.
Also our large ambulance is being used regularly by Monze Mission Hospital together with ourselves in taking patients to the hospital and also to the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka."

Please pray for the workers in the field as they carry out their daily jobs.

Medical supplies are urgently needed in Zambia and if you know of any such items which are being discarded or replaced please contact us.

You can also help by
using one of our
ambulance collecting boxes.

Please ask for a box
if you would like to
donate in this way.