Prayer Dairy 2011

Jute Williams

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March - June , 2011

Dear Prayer Partners,

Although it is nearly the month of March and our thoughts are turning towards Spring, I hope it is not too late too wish you a healthy and peaceful 2011.

When I wrote to you in our Autumn edition we were on the brink of our annual trip to Zambia. It was indeed a very successful trip and I thank you for your prayers. By the time you receive this edition of Prayer Partners Edmund Plummer and lain Park from Strathaven, Scotland will be with Tom Sutherland in Kerala. Please ask God to be with all our friends in India during the next ten days as they continue to do His work.

Much of what we saw and experienced in Zambia I have tried to communicate to you in these pages. So many individuals and communities are being uplifted by your prayers and your care. The message which I feel has come to me in writing some of these articles is that everyone associated with God's work through HHI can help some one in some way some of the time. Whether it is by knitting a blanket, taking part in aerobics, or donating an expensive ultra sound scanner, the recipients experience the Love of God working through HHI.

I am sure that Edmund will be experiencing similar thoughts when he sees the joy on a mother's face as she hears that her child's operation can be funded or when a community learns that they can have clean water for the first time.

Let us give thanks and praise in all our prayers over the next four months for the many ways in which those who have time, talent or resources can bring comfort to those who are in great need. Above all let us remember that it is our faith in God which connects us all, both givers and receivers.

As we read in Romans 8; v 8: We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him.


June 19 - June 25

The new office

There have been major developments at Stow Park Church Centre where we have our office. A whole new wing has been bolted on to the old church and was opened in December. We were temporarily relocated whist the work was being undertaken as our old office „got in the way‟. Now we‟re back, and the office looks a lot tidier and we seem to have more room.

The new wing is being used for a variety of community events and is open as a drop-in centre where you can buy light refreshments. Our office is off the main entrance hall and a banner outside our door advertises our presence.

We pray that the centre will go from strength to strength and that visitors who know nothing about HHI will learn of our existence and respond positively. The centre is open each day. There is a car park, so why not call in and see us.

Special prayer request

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