Journey Of Faith

by Ron Prosser (with help from Ian Boughton).

This is the book of Health Help International and it's available now. Click here for details of how to get your copy. Click here to read an excerpt.

Many of you who have kindly helped our charity, Health Help International, will have a general idea of what we do and how we started.... we buy supplies and equipment for terribly poor rural health clinics in Zambia, and we fund medical care for the very poor in one part of India.

And many of you know vaguely that we began when our director, Ron, had an experience in India which convinced him of his duty to obey God's law about helping the poor and the sick.

Now, for the first time, the entire story is told in book form. Inside it you will meet real heroes of modern-day charity work - Tom Sutherland, the Aussie who gave up a comfortable life to live and serve the poor of India; Wim and Marieke, the Dutch doctors who sacrificed their careers to serve in a Zambian hospital; Dr. Shetty, who repays his surgical training in London by doing heart operations on the poor in India, for no personal gain; and Thampy the pharmacist, who gives expensive medicines out on credit, simply because it is the right thing to do.

And who could ever forget the anonymous heroes who gave a fortune in cash, packed inside an old cereal packet... and who have never been traced.

Obtaining a copy

Journey of Faith, by Ron Prosser (with Ian Boughton) is available for, £5.00 (post free). You may wish to donate any greater amount.
Almost all of the purchase price will go to good causes - the book was written at no cost to the charity, was printed in Ron's own printshop at no cost, and each copy is personally hand-bound by the director himself. The only 'overhead' is the cost of the paper, and in practical terms, something in the region of 95% of the purchase price will actually be used for the cause. To order a copy, contact HHI.

An excerpt from Journey Of Faith

"It was evening in Madras, and I was standing on the balcony of my hotel room. I clearly remember that I was looking forward very much to the meal I expected to have in the restaurant that night.

I looked down from my balcony at the honking cars weaving in an out of the passers-by, at the ox-cart trundling along, and the beggar woman with her babe-in-arms.

But what mainly drew my attention was the scene on the pavement. There were children, clearly bedding down there for the night – not just one or two of them, but row on row of them.

I could see that one of them was obviously ill. He was shivering from head to toe, and another boy was trying to comfort him and wrapping a scrap of a blanket around his shoulders. And there was another person who seemed to be collecting money – later, I asked one of the hotel staff what this was all about, and it seemed that this person was charging them protection money for the privilege of sleeping on the pavement.

I retreated into my air-conditioned room with my heart breaking, and a quotation in my mind – ‘it is better to light one small candle than curse the dark’.

I came home chastened. In that visit to India I was to see young lives being changed for the better, and small candles being lit in a world that at times seems to be full of darkness...."

From Ron's opening words of 'Journey of Faith'