Sewing Centre

The sewing centre has been up and running since September 2003 with several staff, all of whom are disabled in some way so this is a way of giving them employment and raising their self-esteem.

Navy Malunga (tailor/designer) was in overall charge of this phase of the project, (but is no longer with us) and one member of whom we have information is:

Alister Mwecte (tailor)

Orders have been coming in thick and fast, so much so that the office is thinking of taking on extra staff to cope with the demand. They have received orders from the local schools for uniforms for those children who enrolled in January, in Grades One, Eight and Ten. So far in excess of 1000. They have also received orders for jerseys from the same schools.

They are also aiming to help the schools by giving them commission on each item they sell so that the schools can buy drugs and equipment for their sick bays. This will also show that the sewing centre is not entirely profit motivated, although they will maintain a profit margin to enable them purchase more material for the next round of orders.

The material for the uniforms is bought locally but help with material for any other purpose would be most welcome, as would buttons etc.

The director is also wondering whether it is possible to obtain treadle tables for the machines so that in the event of a power cut it would be possible to continue operating.