January 2007

Flying Doctors International

Firstly, the wonderful news is that the 'Mercy Flyers' organization has agreed to come under the HHI umbrella as an autonomous sub-committee and the intention is to start operations early January 2008 when they will be flying specialist medical consultants to the remote Zambian areas where no such medical care is available.


They will be based on our farm site at Isca Village at the head of the dam, near the existing runway. This is a dream come true for HHI as we had prayed that one day we might be able to extend our mobile clinic service to a flying doctor service but never expected that it would happen so quickly. Dr. Craig Oranmore-Brown, the doctor behind this scheme has agreed to be our guest speaker at our next Supporters' Evening on Saturday, 24th March and an invitation is extended to all and I look forward to seeing many of you on that evening.

You can view their website at They also have a fund raising website( through which you can do on-line shopping. The shops will then give them a donation in turn.

Braille Printing

Secondly, following the broadcasting on Zambian National Television of our work with the disabled, particularly the blind, and our ability to print in Braille, we were inundated with calls from the education authority and Special Needs Units throughout Zambia to print Examination Papers, AIDS Awareness Literature, books, etc. in Braille.

This is far more than our small Braille printer could cope with and it was realized that we would need to purchase a larger, more industrial type machine at a cost of £5,000.

No sooner had this need been recognized than a very generous supporter donated the necessary money and our Zambian Director will be coming over to the UK on February 14th for 10 days to receive some training on the equipment.

India Visit

Thirdly during my visit to India we shall be visiting all our projects including Pastor Sam's Hospice, the Dayaphaven Orphanage, the new Kripa Kendram Hostel for destitute men and handing over £2,293 to St. John's Leprosy Hospital for the purchase of a vehicle, which money was raised by last year's Harvest Appeal.
Additionally we shall present them with another £817 for food for the In and Out-patients which money was donated from the 'Alternative Christmas Catalogue'.

The 12 Days of Christmas Update

The '12 Days of Christmas Appeal' has also been well supported with monies still coming in but it looks as if we may well reach our target of £5,000 to help with the training of the disabled people in Monze, so thank you all very much for this splendid result.


Lent Appeal

“This leads me on to our 'Lent Appeal', for which you can find further information if you contact us.

I feel so diffident about sending out another appeal in view of the recent '12 Days of Christmas' one, but as last year's 'Fill the Medicine Chest' was so successful and as so many people wrote in saying how much they enjoyed taking part and what a novel idea it was, I have decided to enclose it for those who wish to have another go this year. However, please do not feel pressurized to take part, as so many of you are so generous in so many ways throughout the year, and I know from experience that it can be very off-putting when a charity to which you regularly donate , asks more from you.

This appeal is to help with the renewal of our multi-purpose vehicle which has served us well but is now due for replacing.

Thank you

God is surely blessing our work which is making such a difference to the needy in Zambia and India and I am so grateful for all the many gifts, small and large - financial and in kind - that you all make and I would love to tell you more details of what so many churches and individuals have done but I am sure I would unintentionally miss something or someone out, so I will refrain from trying to do so, but please be assured that what I have written above is only an indication of how together we are making a difference in the name of Jesus.


Items always required for recycling:
* Used Ink Cartridges (all except Epson)
* Old Mobile Phones
* Discarded Spectacles
* Discarded Hearing Aids

A large container (40') has recently departed for Zambia completely full of goods you have all kindly donated. Please do NOT send any more for the moment as the venue at Newport URC may not be used for the forseeable future.

However, there are certain items which can be sent:
* Talking Books CD’s
* Musical Instruments.
* Spectacles
If you have any queries please contact us.