Summer 2005

July 2005

Helping to Make Poverty History in a Practical Way

During the evening of 15th July about 30 - 40 people gathered at the United Reformed Church, Newport to load a container-lorry with goods to go to HHI, Zambia.
Many thanks to Mike Hopkin for his organisation and planning, which enabled the evening to go smoothly. Also, thanks must go to all those who turned up and helped, including the Scout Troop.

Many supporters had donated various items, in various quantities, during previous months.
These items had been packed and labelled during the earlier part of the week by volunteers.

A large quantity of shelving had been donated by the Patent Office in Newport, which will really meet the need to store everything in the offices in Zambia.
This had been well used by the Patent Office and consequently was very polished, which made it somewhat dangerous to handle, as it kept sliding eveywhere!

There were about 35 boxes of books for the Library. These comprised Bibles, Encyclopaedia, reference books, Commentaries and Concordances etc., technical books, some novels and children's books.
There were also several sets of ICT study books which will be greatly used by the Computer Suite.

Several supporters had donated medical and audiology equipment which will be used in the Ambulances and Medical Centre.
The Newport branch of Red Cross donated 32 wheel-chairs; so with others previously donated we were able to send 36 altogether, along with Zimmer frames and walking aids of various kinds.

Boxes of wool, cloth, and other material has been kindly donated by friends and supporters, along with roles of cloth and leather from a friend, who runs a Haberdashers in Cwmbran.

Several sewing machines, mechanical and electrical, were included, along with accessories - buttons, zips, cottons.

A supporter with a printing business in Cardiff had very generously donated a set of printers, which will enable the Printing workshop in Zambia to produce lots of different types of goods and documents. There was also a pallet load of paper and card of various weights to complement the equipment.

Another supporter from Risograph Ltd. donated a re-conditioned machine to supplement those despatched previously.

There was also a large consignment of stationery, supplied by various friends and supporters.

Generous supporters had also donated a total of 6 bicycles.

There were so many tools, agricultural, mechanical and woodworking, that it was impossible to say with any certainty just how many there were.

In addition there was a refrigerator, a couple of tents, some tilley lamps, and two keyboards.

And, just in case you're wondering was there a kitchen sink? Well not exactly, but there was a bathroom pedestal washbasin!!

For those who do not know, the church is situated on a very steep hill in Newport, about 1 in 6 (16%).
The LORD undertook that the lorry driver knew Newport, and knew exactly where the church was, and how he was to drive out afterwards.
At the bottom of Hill Street is a right angled right turn into the the main Commercial Street of Newport and City Centre revellers tend to park very close to the corner, thus making it difficult to negotiate in a long vehicle.
Again, the LORD ensured everything was organised for his drive out as he negotiated the corner with no problem!

The container left Porthbury Dock, Bristol on Monday 18th July and took about 35 days to reach Lusaka, Zambia, over sea and road, via Rotterdam and Durban.

Please join us and thank the LORD for the safe arrival in Lusaka.