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Dear reader - what do you wish to know?

About me? I'm an anthropologist and writer, Heathen, and with a strong interest in shamanism and the practice of seidr, which is northern european shamanistic community-oriented practice, based in the accounts from the sagas and Eddas, developed as practice for today. I write about seidr, and also Heathenry, or Northern Religion, generally. My book on seidr - Nine Worlds of Seid-magic: Ecstasy and Neo-Shamanism in North European Paganism - is available from Amazon or direct from

I've written a number of papers about these areas and issues. Some of them are on the internet, some aren't. (if you want to know more, email me...) You can reach them from other pages on this site. The main site index is at Time and change. Some links to UK Heathenry and other UK pagans are given below.

Also, there are poems, various bits of opinion on Heathenism and so forth, and other 'experiential' accounts, at Ragnheid's pages.

And you can access some short publications at Wyrd's Well.

Sacred Sites project is at

Enjoy the flowers! I was in the West Highlands, near Kilmartin, in summer 1999, and there's the most fantastic rock art nearby them, if you just walk carefully over right or left, or a little downhill... Mind where you're putting your feet though!

Waes hal,

* A hearth is the smallest unit of Heathenry - a household, the people dwelling there. I recently moved from Derbyshire into Sheffield.

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