Around Exeter in the late 1950s 

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Epilogue for the1950s

 No, not a vintage car rally but just ordinary cars parked in the Cathedral Close sometime in 1958. I was a student at the University from October 1956 to July 1959 and during that time took many photographs in the City, around the University and on Out of Doors Society walks to Dartmoor and the wonderful countryside around Exeter.

Some of these photographs are displayed on this site and, if you were a student in Exeter at that time, you may catch a glimpse of yourself or some of your friends all those years ago. Most of these photos have never been seen before. As students, we could not afford to have all of our pictures printed. We selected a few negatives which looked promising and the rest were stored away and soon forgotten.

It is only within the past year that technology has advanced far enough to enable the negatives and slides to be scanned and to be distributed to those who might be interested in them. So here they are. I am sorry that they are well over forty years late.

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