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Semi fictional Renault Clio V6 "1999 Trophy"s, based on Pat Painter's original model.

**NOTE** All these Clios require the turbop.wav sound file (94k), which you can download from here

Ilion Clio V6VWMcDonald's Clio V6GTPilot Italia Clio V6

Zepter Clio V6Pepsi Max Clio V6Fireball Clio V6

Virgin Clio V6Psion-Tag Clio V6Purple Interactive Clio V6

Renault Sport Clio V6

Rob Collard's 2001 BTCC Renault Clio, based on Pat Painter's model. This Clio has a new VEH file with reduced power and amended gear ratios for a more realistic BTCC performance.

Rob Collard's BTCC Clio