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Royal Mail Panoz

Mythos BMW

Bluecol Brands Ltd rally Escort, based on Mika Hirvonen's model.

Bluecol Escort

Shell Racing Lotus Elise GT1, based on Sean Vollmer's model.

Shell Elise

Mole Valley, Demon Tweeks and Michelin TVR Tuscans (GT3), based on Marc Nelson's model.
Doh! The menu BMP for the Michelin TVR missing from the original ZIP file can be downloaded HERE.
Sorry! This file is now included in the download file.

Mole Valley TVRTVRDemon Tweeks TVRTVRMichelin TVR Tuscan

Alfa Romeo GTV 3.0 V6's converted with permission from Umberto Chiodi's NFS model.

Red Alfa GTVGTVYellow Alfa GTV

Porsche 928 GTSs converted with permission from Porschenut's NFS model.

Orange Porsche 928928Red Porsche 928928Green Porsche 928

Schumacher Racing GT1 Porsche 911 Evo, based on Pat Painter's Roock Racing 911 Evo.

Schumacher Racing GT1 911 Evo

Ford Puma's converted with permission from Ryuji Kainohu's NFS model. * Revised versions 29/6/01 *

Street Ford PumapumaCamel Ford Puma