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Chris Hodgetts' and Damon Hill's 1989 BTCC Ford Sierra RS500s, based on DaveB's model.

Chris Hodgetts' RS500RSDamon Hill's RS500

Andy Rouse and Guy Edwards' Kaliber 1989 BTCC RS500s, based on DaveB's model.

Kaliber RS500s

Andy Rouse, Robb Gravett, and Mike Smith's 1990 BTCC RS500s, based on DaveB's model.

Andy Rouse's RS500RSRobb Gravett's RS500RSMike Smith's RS500

Tim Harvey and Lawrence Bristow's Labatts 1990 BTCC RS500s, based on DaveB's model.

Labatts RS500s

*NOTE*All these Sierras use DaveB's Cosworth sound file which can be downloaded from HERE

Jeff Allam and Iain Forest's 1990 BMW M3s, based on Neil Bainbridge's model.

Jeff Allam's M3M3Iain Forests's BMW M3

Mike Newton, Russell Ingall and Bob Tweedie's Cavaliers from the 1999 Australian BOC Gases Super Touring Championship, based on Chris Ward's model.

Russell Ingall's Cavalier20Mike Newton's Cavalier20Bob Tweedie's Cavalier

Rob Collard's 2001 BTCC Renault Clio, based on Pat Painter's model. This Clio has a new VEH file with reduced power and amended gear ratios for a more realistic BTCC performance.

Rob Collard's BTCC Clio

G.A.Racing Team's 2001 BTCC Alfa Romeo 156s, based on M@D69's model.

G.A.Racing Alfa Romeo 156s

Team B&Q/Talksport Radio 2001 BTCC Honda Integra Rs, converted from Ryuji Kainoh's NFS model and posted by permission.

2001 BTCC Honda Integra Rs

Christian Menzel and Timo Scheider's DTM Opel Astras, based on Mika Hirvonen's model.

Christian Menzel's DTM AstraGSITimo Scheider's DTM Astra

ATCC and 1995 Nurburgring 24hrs Volvo 850 Touring Cars, based on Tom McMahon's model.

Download the Volvo sound files (202k) from here

1995 Nurburgring 24hrs Volvo 850850ATCC Volvo 850

Alexander Grau, Jorg Van Ommen and Ratanakul Prutirat's 1996 ITC Mercedes C-Klasse Cars, based on Hyglo's model.

Download the ITC sound files (120k) from here

Alexander Grau's 1996 MercedesAMGJorg Van Ommen's 1996 MercedesMERC Ratanakul Prutirat's 1996 MercedesAMG