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This is v1.3 of my first track, based on Hardy Mutschall ("Bobonen")'s Carrera #1 circuit and using some of the textures from Sean Vollmer ("Seanv")'s Mugello circuit. Thanks and credit goes to them for doing most of the hard work. This version has better graphics, 18 car support, two levels of detail and a faster AI - with the cars going into their pit slots!.

To download just the V1.3 AI file, click HERE

Download Carrera Central

V1.1 of my second track, Forestdale, again based on Hardy Mutschall ("Bobonen")'s Carrera #1 circuit and using textures from a multitude of add-on and original circuits. Thanks and credit go to Bobonen for Carrera and Matt Lucas for his excellent tutorials and willingness to answer my questions. This circuit is designed for "Demolition Derbys" and has no pits so I recommend setting fuel and tyre wear to X 1 and race lengths of around 25-30 mins. Forestdale supports up to 24 cars and has four levels of detail and v1.1 has been made far smoother and the wire fence less intrusive.

Download Forestdale

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