Songster Singing Company Prayer Hymns x

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Hymn Tunes

Midi arrangement key:
(ARM)= Andrew Mackereth
(DH)= Douglas Hayter.
(BA)= Beth Allen.
(GA)= Gareth Dickens.
The number refers to the Salvation Army Tune Book number.

A Miracle of Grace 597 (DH)
Armadale 8 (GD)
A Starry Night (DH)
A Sunbeam 350 (DH)
All Things Bright and Beautiful (DH)
Blaenwern 430 (GD)
Brightest and Best (DH)
Bringing in the Sheaves 624 (DH)
Buckland 275 (DH)
Burning Burning 3v (DH)
Christ for All (DH)
Climbing up the Golden Stair 629 (DH)
Count Your Blessings 202 (DH)
Dare to be a Daniel (DH)
Denmark Hill (DH)
Ding Dong Merrily on High (DH)
Down Where the Living Waters Flow 233 (DH)
Each Day is a Gift 639 (DH)
Europe 435 (DH)
Fewster 86 3v (DH)
Fewster 86 4v (DH)
The Greatest Adventure of All (DH)
Grimsby (DH)
The Happy Wanderer (DH)
Hatherop Castle 254 (DH)
He Came to Give us Life 662 (DH)
He came to give us Life 662 (GD)
He Lives 466 (GD)
Helmsley 417 (GD)
Hereford 023 (GD)
Here is Love, Vast as an Ocean (DH)
His Love Remains the Same 668 (DH)
His Loving Touch 669 (GD)
His Love Remains the Same 668 (GD)
His Provision (DH)
Hundreds and Thousands 672 (DH)

Hold the Fort 344 (GD)
Hosanna 255 (GD)
How Much More 25 (GD)
Hyfrydol 438 (GD)
I'll Stand for Christ 686 (GD)
I am so Glad 527 (DH)
Made in the Likeness of God (MS)
I've Found the Pearl 100 (GD)
I Love to Sing 678 (DH)
I'll Go in the Strebgth of the Lord 485 (GD)
I Surrender All 377 (GD)
I Will Sing (DH)
If Youe Want it 683 (DH)
I'm Living my Life for Jesus (DH)
It's no Longer I that Liveth (DH)
Jesus Bids us Shine 698 (DH)
Jesus is my Light 701 (GD)
Jesus is Strong to Deliver 702 (GD)
Knowing my Failings 711 (DH)
Kum ba Yah 712 (GD)
Keep in Step 707 (GD)
Lily of the Valley 819 (GD)
Lobe den Herren 721 (DH)
Lord for the Years (DH)
Love at Home (DH)
Love Lifted Me 725 (GD)
Luckington 727 (GD)
Majesty (DH)
Manger Scene (DH)
Mannheim 419 (GD)
Maryton 33 (GD)
Match of the Day (I know that my Redeemer Liveth) (DH)
Melita 495 (GD)
Men of Harlech 732 (GD)
Miles Lane 114 (GD)
Monkland 286 (GD)
Moscow 217 (GD)
Morning has Broken 3v (DH)
Morning has Broken 4v (DH)
My Bonnie 738 (GD)
My Bonnie (Accordion) 738 (GD)
My Peace (DH)
Normandy Carol (DH)
Now Thank we All our God (DH)
Ochills 762 (DH)
The Pathway of Duty 448 (DH)

Penlan 259 (GD)
Praise Him 771 (MS)
Praise my Soul 422 (DH)
Rachie 217 (GD)
Regents Square 423 (GD)
Repton 132 (GD)
Send the Fire (DH)
Sine Nomine 515 (GD)
Slane 789 (DH)
Standing on the Promises 797 (GD)
St Ann 127 (GD)
St Catherine 499 (DH)
St Denio 569 (GD)
Sweet Chiming Bells (DH)
That's the Spirit 810 (DH)
The Light has Come (DH)
The Saviour's Name 139 (DH)
The well is Deep 825 (DH)
The Wonder of His Grace 826 (DH)
They Shall Come from the East 831 (MS)
Tyndal 317 (GD)
Unsworth (My Jesus I Love Thee) (DH)
Wells 318 (GD)
Wells 5v 318 (GD)
We Plough the Fields 269 (DH)
We Three Kings (DH)
Where I love to Be 854 (DH)
What a Friend we have in Jesus 451 (MS)
While Sheperds Watched (DH)
Who'll Be the Next (DH)
Whosoever Will (DH)
Wonder Working Power (DH)
You Don't Have to be Clever (DH)
Zither Carol (DH) )