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The Web is now home to a new and exciting form of home entertainment, that of free music online, (well, almost free), or available for download to your home computer.

MP3 is the new revolution, a digital file format that reproduces music at a quality similar to CD's, and although still a bulky format, in manageable sized files for downloading.
What equipment do I need to listen to MP3 files?

If you are reading this, you already have the computer, modem and access to the Internet.

In addition you will need:

an MP3 player - see below

MP3 files - again see below

MP3 players

WinAmp for Windows, and MacAmp for Macs.

K-jöfol - idiosyncratic, but looks good, and it works although currently still in beta [test] mode.

SoriTong - more idiosyncrasy, but it's the sound that counts.
Download from
SoriTong Home Page

MP3 rippers

CD Copy; not the quickest CD-to-MP3 converter, and overly complex to use sometimes, but excellent quality. Download from
MP3 files and additional resources: "the world's largest search engine."   MP3.LYCOS.COM

MP3 More titles than anyone else.   MP3.COM/

2LOOK4 A decent search engine.   2LOOK4

MP3-2000 is more technical than most.   MP3-2000

FTP-Music has a good range of software for downloading.

Audiohighway, MP3 music, comedy and books for download,   AUDIOHIGHWAY.COM

MP3 NOW, another portal site.   MP3NOW

MP3 BOX, and another, but more objective than most.   MP3BOX

Australian MP3 site
Audio streaming is a new concept in computer music entertainment, where audio (and video) is sent as a continuous 'stream' of data via your modem. The main drawback of this technology is that without a fast modem the stream is liable to breaking up, and even at its best cannot match the CD quality of MP3.
Streaming sites:

Global Music Network is a new venture featuring a wide variety of artists, recordings and original concert performances, presented as audio, video and interviews.

Classic FM offers live net radio broadcasts. (UK only).

Live Concerts offers not only live concerts, but archive material too.

Broadcast offers a comprehensive guide to live music on the net, with daily listings.

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