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July 2008
Nicholas Nourse, comes from a family of musicians with long-established musical connections in the West Country, and has worked as a maker and repairer in Wiltshire for over twenty five years.
Nicholas studied Violin Making and Repair at the London College of Furniture, (now the London Metropolitan University), where valuable tuition in restoration and repair was provided by Harold Hearn, a former employee of the famous W. E. Hill & Sons.
Nicholas has been providing a local repair, restoration, and bow maintainance service for local musicians, together with a long-standing service for Wiltshire schools and the Wiltshire Rural Music Schools at Trowbridge, Swindon and now Bradford-on-Avon. Having established a workshop base close to his home, the larger premises have also enabled him to further his specialization in Scandinavian music.
Nicholas, BA (Hons) (Open), DipMus (Open), has recently extended his academic involvement in music with an appointment to the Management Committee of CHOMBEC (Centre for the History of Music in Britain, the Empire, and the Commonwealth) at the University of Bristol.
In addition to Nicholas's repair and restoration work he also produces new instruments, principally hardanger fiddles, to the highest standards. A small stock of hand-made instruments is usually available, as are older instruments that have been fully restored to concert playing condition.
Bow rehairing and simple bow repair services are also provided, as is advice on all aspects of repair and restoration.

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