Links - Traditional music
UK-based website for traditional music listing musicians, makers, sheet music, gigs etc. etc.

Hardanger Fiddle Association of America - by far the most comprehensive English language resource on the hardanger fiddle; sound samples, history, book and CD store.
Links - Violin making

Musician's Gallery
This site lists a large number of makers, repairers and musicians, not only those in violin making, but all other orchestral instruments too, in the UK and abroad.
Violin by O Erdesz
Violin by O Erdesz
Links - General

Musicians and Instrument Makers Forum (MIMF)
This is a free site containing a wide variety of advice and discussions, not only on violin making, but on many other instruments too. You will need to register with an e-mail address and password if you want to view their substantial library of archive discussions.
Links - Hurdy Gurdy

Alden and Cali Hackmann; Olympic Musical Instruments. Alden and Cali's Hurdy Gurdy web site. This site is a mine of information on buying, building, and every other aspect of the Hurdy Gurdy.

Greg Whitcomb, NZ. A build log/diary of two lute-back gurdies made by Greg and Trevor Cole.

La Pagina Della Ghironda. Marcello Bono's web site; an authority on the instrument. (Some parts of this site are in Italian but others are now appearing in English too.)

"Makenzie" Strad.

Links - Museums and historic instrument collections

The Ashmoleum Museum, Oxford, UK
The Hill Music Room at the Ashmoleum houses an exceptional display of string instruments, including two violins (and a guitar) by Antonio Stradivari, a violin and a viola by Andrea Amati, also a violin by Nicola Amati... the list goes on.
There is also a selection of instruments of the viol family, and some keyboard instruments too.
Measured workshop drawings of some of the instruments on display are available commercially direct from the museum; inquire through the museum shop.

The Bate Collection, Oxford, UK
The Bate Collection doesn't have the sheer depth of quality of string instruments as the Ashmoleum Museum, but makes up for it in the vast size and breadth of its exhibits - from copies of medieval violins and rebecs, a cello by Klotz, to an entire [violin] bow-makers workshop display, plus a huge horde of brass and woodwind.

Edinburgh University collection of Historic Musical Instruments, UK
This collection includes a single hurdy gurdy, for which historical drawings are available.

Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, UK
An enormous collection of musical instruments of all kinds, collected from around the world.

Links - Press Release
Royal Academy of Music

The Royal Academy of Music in London will soon be opening its own museum; this press release has been issued by RAM.

The museum will be throwing open its doors in October when the public will be able to see a world-class selection of instruments and musical memorabilia.
Amongst the material initially on display, will be stringed instruments by Stradivarius and other famous craftsmen, memorabilia associated with Sir Henry Wood, as well as original materials by Mendelssohn, Brahms, Liszt and Vaughan Williams. Visitors will also have the chance to observe the living tradition of stringed-instrument making in an on-site workshop and hear English pianos from the past 200 years.
The museum will open to the public for the first time on October 21 at 1pm and admission will be free. Full details will appear soon at:

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