Hurdy Gurdy plans

Hurdy Gurdy plans, based on the Marchand held at the Brussels Conservatoire:

Full-size plans for the Marchand HG as shown in the build diary, drawn on 2 A1 sheets and 4 A4 sheets.

Price: £39.00 (pounds sterling). Please
Instrument details:

6-string: 2 Chanterelles, Trompette, Mouche (alto drone), Petit bourdon (tenor drone) and Gros bordon (bass drone)

23-key chromatic, suitable for both G-C and D-G tuning

142mm dia. wheel

Instrument length overall = 610mm

length = 400mm
width (max.) = 200mm
height (max.) = 110mm
height (min.) = 75mm
The drawings described are line drawings only, and assume that the maker has some previous experience of making hurdy gurdies, or other stringed musical instruments.

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