I. The Estates on which Armadale is Built

II. The First Buildings The Future Town Named The First Friendly Society The Building of the Pale and Pale House The End of the Society

III. Early Mining in the District

IV. Reminiscences of the Coaching Days Robbery of 5000 and a Hanging

V. The Toll and the Tollman's House The First School and its Poetical Master The First Subscription School

VI. Discovery of the Parrot Coal Mr Young, Chemist, proves its value Russell & Son secure a Lease Young's Paraffin Light Company Instituted Torbanehill Gas-Coal Law Suit Mr Gardner's Assistance and Reward The Parrot Bing Fire

VII. The March of Progress Establishment of more Public Works Introduction of the Railway

VIII. The Licensed Houses Established Various Buildings Buttries Managers

IX. The Murder of Maxwell and the Hanging of M'Lean The Shearers' Invasion Spleen against the Irish

X. New Subscription School's Chequered Career Private Schools and Works Schools Subscription School placed under Government supervision

XI. Drying up of Private Wells Formation of the Village into a Police Burgh The First Water Works Introduction of Gas-Light Dissolution of the Gas-Light Company Town Council rejects the Works Street lighting Improvements, etc.

XII. Bathville Works Rich and Poor Scott's Oil Works Extensive Oil Works Brickworks Failure of Messrs Watson The Advent of Mr. James Wood-Iron and Steel Works United Collieries Company Changed Conditions of Labour

XIII. Armadale Anterior to the Post Office The First Post Office Introduction of the Telegraph The Erratic Career of the Office Improved Postal Service

XIV. The Introduction of the Police Principal Officers in Charge of the Peace Some Notable Events

XV The Mission Sabbath School The Free Church James Davie, Martyr Episcopalian Church Established Church Wesleyan Methodist Church Church of Christ Roman Catholic Church

XVI. Armadale Works Friendly Society "Thistle" Lodge of Free Gardeners: its Rise and Fall "Olive" Lodge of Free Gardeners "Jessie o' the Dell" Lodge of Ancient Shepherds "Excelsior" Tent of the Independent Order of Rechabites "Hope Bridge Castle" Lodge of Freemasons

XVII. Original Flute and Brass Bands: their rise and fall Future Brass, Reed, and Flute Bands' Chequered Career Present Brass Band

XVIII. The First Co-operative Society: its rise and tall The Present Co-operative Society: its rise and progress

XIX. The Introduction of Compulsory Education and the First School Board's Troubles in getting possession of the Subscription School New Schools and Successive Masters

XX. The Sanitary Improvements of the  Burgh The Water Supply Sewage purification Works

XXI. Cricket Bowling Football Quoiting Draughts Choral Union The Dramatic Club

XXII. Fragmentary The Introduction of a Resident Doctor The Bank The "Gothenburg" Public-House Fever and Smallpox Hospitals Model Lodging-House Dean of Guild Court The One Thing Lacking Conclusion,


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