Derbyshire band is big in Eastern Europe

Jive Stars Jerry & The Jive Stars have found fame in Eastern Europe, thanks to their Hungarian pianist.

Marci "Marton" Kelemen joined the Derbyshire five-piece last year.   His father, Kelemen Istvan, also a musician, arranged for the band to visit Hungary and play in Szeged, 100 miles south of Budpest.

Jive Stars front man Tim Bailey says the reception from locals left them overwhelmed...

We flew from Luton and landed in Budapest at around 10pm.   We were met by two minibuses to drive us the two hours to Marton's home town of Szeged.   We were booked into a top hotel where everything was laid on for us.   We booked into our hotel at just past midnight but were told by Marton that there was a beer festival just around the corner, so we went straight there and stayed till the morning!


Jive Stars On Saturday morning we went to the venue for a sound check.   There were three other bands playing including Kelemen Istvan's band, The Juniolds.   We got to the venue in the evening ready to play and were greeted by everybody in the room with drinks and presents!   Which was a bit surreal but fantastic.   A famous local artist had also done an oil painting of the band.

We played two sets.   On starting our first number the whole place went wild and people danced non-stop from start to finish.   When we played the last number of the first set and went to leave the stage, the audience started stamping their feet and clapping so we had to get back on and do a couple more.

It was a fantastic night and everybody made us feel really welcome and like stars.   We weren't allowed to buy any drinks, as members of the audience kept buying them for us.


Jive Stars Probably the most famous boogie woogie song in Hungary is Boogie Woogie Club 58 by Hungarian band Omega.   We learnt this number and I sang the first two verses in English before we were joined on stage by Kelemen Istvan who sang the remainder of the song in Hungarian.   He then stayed on to sing Blue Suede Shoes.

We had to do five or six encores at the end and were literally mobbed as we left the dressing rooms.   We sold and signed every CD we had.   It was a great few days and Szeged is an absolutely beautiful city.   Everyone was so friendly.

We had two professional photographers with us the whole time who recorded and shot our every move.   The national papers sent a journalist and photographers, and they did a huge article on the booking and on Marton's musical journey.

The whole experience was out of this world and we are going back in September this year to do it all again.   We also were approached on leaving the stage by a promoter who has booked us to play a big festival in Serbia in May.

I'd like to thank Kelemen Istvan and Marton on behalf of the band for providing us with one of the most enjoyable experiences we've had as a band.

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