PFA Regional Rally Dunkeswell 30 June/1 July 2007

Unfortunately the event was ruined by the weather with cloudbase on Saturday never being above 200 ft AGL and on Sunday 500ft AGL. A few intrepid aviatiors with IMC ratings, from Exeter, Yeovilton and Bournemouth, did make it in on Sunday. Many thanks though to Brendan Proctor for his efforts preparing for the event.

30 June
N702MB Socata TBM.70Resident Dep
G-BFGK Jodel D.117Arrived 29/6
PFA Hangar  
G-BRJA Luscombe 8A Silvaire
G-BOLC Fournier RF.6Br
G-BPFZ Cessna 152
G-OFRY Cessna 152
G-BBBO Sipa 903
G-DUNK Cessna 172
G-BYBR Rans S.6 Coyote
G-BJIG Slingsby T.67 FireflyNo wings
G-BJNG Slingsby T.67 FireflyNo wings
G-CCEC Evans VP.1
G-AYEW Jodel DR.1050
G-BUTH Jodel DR.220
G-SPDY X'Air HawkPFA Young Aviators Project
1 July
G-MCUB Reality EscapadeBy Road
G-BCFF Fuji Fa.200 Aero Subaru
G-BOIX Cessna 172
G-BFGK Jodel D.117Departed
G-AVSP Pa.28 Cherokee
N702MB Socata TBM.700Resident Arr
G-CBKR Pa.28 CherokeeResident Circuits
G-OWACCessna 152Circuits
Credit: Mike Lee
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