Who am I?  What do I do? - a little history.

Brian Reeves, a freelance electronics engineer specialising in the repair of high quality high fidelity audio equipment.


I enjoy listening to music of very high quality and literally earn a living from allowing others to do the same, in essence by paying attention to the smallest detail. I am an enthusiast in the quest for ultimate performance.

I personally repair every piece of equipment and take great pride in the quality of work completed, all equipment being treated as if it were my own.  It is not handed to a trainee!

It is well documented that the performance of a hi-fi component is dependent upon the care with which the component is calibrated. This never more so than when some invasive action has been necessary. I have invested thousands of pounds in test equipment essential to maintain that integrity.

As a student of Granada Television's technical maintenance team back in the early 70's, I developed an interest in high quality audio reproduction and soon established a partnership to repair and service electronic equipment for the retail trades. This extended to the retail of hi-fi equipment in the late 70's.

During the mid 70's I became interested in ReVox as a superior product. I visited, by invitation, many of their plants in Switzerland and Germany. I developed and wrote the computer software for the computer performance analysis of their reel to reel tape recorders. This was used during the 80's at the "ReVox Clinics" implemented by the then importers of ReVox into the UK., F. W. O. Bauch Limited.

I was subsequently appointed by F. W. O. Bauch Limited as the sole provider of spare parts and technical advice for ReVox equipment to non account and domestic users of their product. This was re-affirmed at the demise of Bauch when ReVox UK Limited was established in 1992.

When Studer and ReVox separated in 1995, I was further appointed by both Harman International for the Studer/ReVox professional product range and ReVox GmbH for the hi-fi product range to continue to provide both spares and service.

Operating from one of smallest, air conditioned, best equipped service labs in the north, adjacent to my home. I continue to provide trade and retail service facilities for a number of northern hi-fi dealers along with many professional users.

Known to be a specialist in ReVox reel to reel products and appreciating that owners throughout the UK may require service, I have had constructed a number of specially made "flight cases" to protect equipment during transit to and from the lab. These are provided on free loan to owners of reel to reel decks who may no longer have the original packaging.

If you want to know more about the service I provide, give me a ring on +44 (0)161 499 2349 or  email to Brian@RevoxService.co.uk. I am generally available from 9.00. AM till Noon and from 2.00. PM till 5.00. PM (GMT) Monday through Friday.

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