ReVox reel to reel tape recorders could be many years old. An A77, for example, could be over 40 years old! Only ReVox continue to support machines of this age! On the other hand a B77 could be only a couple of years old. I would therefore need to have the deck in the workshop for a comprehensive examination before advising on the cost of repairs.

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Brian Reeves

This would result in a full written service report, including some measurements of the decks performance, along with a quotation for the "essential" work including full re-calibration.

If other areas of concern are identified, but are considered non-essential, these would be quoted for separately as "options". So you would receive a quotation for the basic service and maybe half a dozen options. You can then decide how far you wish to go in restoring your deck back to its original ReVox specification.

If you can't drop the machine off at the workshop (near Manchester International Airport) and you have the original box; box it up, put my name and address on it and give me a ring. I can then arrange for UK nation-wide overnight collection.

If you do not have the original box, I can send out a "transit flight case", on free loan, for you to put the deck into, then arrange its collection. Though you would pay the cost of transit. Transit costs are currently about 35.50~45.50 in each direction. Equipment can only be insured if boxed in original packaging or a flight case.

In every case though, always ring first to make a booking. Never send a repair without first pre-arranging it, or attempt to call "just on the off chance" that you can leave it with me!

Cost-wise, typically between 150 ~ 300 for labour, for the service and a full electronics re-calibration for your chosen tape type (including the initial examination and the service report). This would be plus any parts and carriage charges (if applicable). However, if you choose not to proceed with repairs after this service report and quotation. You would attract a charge of 80 added to the carriage charges (if applicable) for the machines return.

All charges would be subject to VAT.

Alternatively, re-furbished decks (A77's ~ A700's ~ B77's and PR99's) are
frequently available in a variety of track/speed/EQ combinations, should you wish to trade in your existing deck. All re-furbished machines are supplied with gold interconnects, power lead and operating manual, and are covered with a years guarantee.

For other classic ReVox hifi components the same basic rules apply. Box it up, give me a ring and I will arrange collection. An estimate can be provided before repair if requested, but this is chargeable.

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