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Brian Reeves

The Authorised  ReVox Service Centre for the UK

the magnetic recording masterpiece of our time (1967), and they're still going strong today!

This recorder is a masterpiece of electronic and mechanical engineering. The electronic function and motor control system certainly sets a new standard in deck design and performance which, coupled with the really high fidelity electronic performance, puts this new range of REVOX recorders in the connoisseur class.


Since 1949 the Willi Studer Company have distinguished themselves by their dynamic advances in magnetic recording equipment for the broadcast and recording industries. The all-new REVOX A77 is therefore unique in possessing studio breeding. Significant mechanical and electronic advantages resulting from this experience are clearly evident throughout the machine. Featured here is the wood surround version, available either with or without the optional plug-in 8 Watt per channel audio power amplifiers. Also available is the suitcase model which incorporates four high definition loudspeakers providing built-in stereo or mono monitoring and playback to a standard hitherto unknown in an all-in-one unit page

As the A77 evolved....