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Due to the unpredictability of numbers attending each walk it will be appreciated if members advise the leaders by the dates shown. The leaders may wish to limit the numbers, which they feel, are manageable, taking into consideration car parking, lunch arrangements and the number of obstacles en route which could slow the walk. Additionally by leaving your telephone number you can be contacted in the event of cancellations etc.

A walk number that is underlined has been altered since its original posting or is a new inclusion

Earlier walk programmes have now been removed from the web pages to save space, but copies including the reviews going back to 2001 may be obtained from Stan

Walking Group Mobile phone numbers are : 0754 6069085 and 0752 2958435  -  Please note that the phones will only be operative on the morning of a walk to enable members who are running late, are lost or delayed, to contact the walk leader.  If one number does not work, try the other !

Just a brief reminder – if you are leading a walk, you need to make sure that you have
a Leader’s Pack containing First Aid, Phone and Safety Jackets.  They are held by Richard Hart and Anne Trott.  It may be that one of both of those people are on your walk so they will bring it with them but if not, you must obtain it.
The phone needs to be turned on before you leave home so that you know about any delayed or lost walkers, and then kept on during the walk.  Don’t forget to switch off afterwards and return the Pack to its owner.
If your walk involves roads or lanes with traffic, then you and your backmarker need to wear a yellow safety jacket.

And finally:  The committee thinks that in future all walkers should carry either on their person or in their rucksack, some form of identity with important details such as emergency contact numbers and Doctor’s details.  You will find an example attached with this programme.  Please adopt and use it.

After the success of the Winchcombe Way project we have a new challenge for 2018 – The Cheltenham Circular Footpath – a 25 mile walk around the outskirts of Cheltenham.  This was originally designed with the help of Bob Price and the Rotary Club in Cheltenham and was for several years a sponsored challenge which several Walking Group members completed in either one or two parts.  Now it’s your chance!  Bob has divided the walk up into 7 sections, which are circular routes, and the first is in January.  Will you take up the challenge?

MARCH  2018

Walk  1213

Date  Thursday 8th March       5 miles      Easy      Pub Lunch
Meet         Yew Tree Inn, Chaceley Stock, GL19 4EQ, Grid864298, 09.45 for 10.00
Contact     Hugh 01452 780460 the week before.
Directions     From Tewkesbury A438 towards Ledbury, then B4211 towards Corse and Gloucester, turn left on minor roads following signs to Chaceley, then Chaceley Stock. Pub is at the end of the road at the river.
Details    A mixture of country lanes, bridlepaths and footpaths. Long gentle uphill to Cold Elm and back. Some mud, NO stiles.

Hugh told us that there was mud on our route today - we noted this, and the 26 of us set off up the lane towards Chaceley, and yes, the fields on either side of the track did look a little damp!  When we left the lane however, and took to the green lane that heads up towards Cold Elm, we soon discovered that there was indeed lots of mud to be navigated on our way.  Like many bridleways, the track had been truly mashed into a gloopy porridge right to the very edges where to make our way we had to compete with brambles!  At one point poor Gill lost her boot in the morass, but somehow she got it back and made it through, as we all did, with, as ever, a good deal of banter and laughter, and even had some bright sunny spells too!  As always Hugh lead us with care and consideration over this new and (at this time of the year at least) challenging route - many thanks to him yet again.  Food at the Yew tree was very good and served promptly and pleasantly.

Along green lanes

Relax a bit

Huge sympathy for Gill as she looses her boot

Not all mud - blue skies and bright sunshine



Date  Tuesday 13th March                  Laverton and Buckland
Meet    Buckland Church    Grid  082360         Stroll starts at 10.30
Contact    Eileen    leave message on 07510978597 or
Directions    B4632 from Toddington and turn right signed Buckland.  Church is at top of village.  Share cars if poss as parking is limited.
Details    We walk to Laverton to explore this village and return to look at Buckland Church.  Easy paths with a shortened version available.

With most people heading towards the Cheltenham Races, 24 Strollers met at Buckland Church for the first Walking Group Stroll of the year.  As a helicopter clattered up from the grounds of Buckland Manor, we walked through this pretty village with immaculate gardens, and took the path towards Laverton.

After admiring the listed phone box library, the old school house and some very expensive properties, we looped around the lane and took the path back again to Buckland for a visit to the church where Noel told us about the tiles and Shepherds’ pews.

With 2 new Strollers and many old hands, we enjoyed a gentle amble in good weather.  (Thanks to Eileen for leading, and to Richard for the report and photo - SF)

All set to go

Walk  1214

Date  Wednesday  14th March     5 miles     Moderate/Energetic        Pub lunch
Meet        Star Inn, Ashton-under-Hill, WR11 7SN    Grid 997378     9.30 for 10.00 start
Contact    Margaret and Sally           01684 274440 the week before
Directions    A46 towards Evesham.  Take left turn to Ashton-under-Hill at Sedgeberrow.  Pub on left of main street in village, parking behind.
Details    We start with a steep climb (with lots of view stops) up Bredon Hill.  5 good stiles. Good tracks round the hill via Wychavon Way.  Descent more gentle but could be muddy, finishing down a lane to village. We will need to choose food from the lunchtime menu on line at:
Please give your choice to Sally when booking for her to give list to the pub.

Not too Springlike on Bredon Hill when 20 U3A walkers set off in high spirits from the Star Inn, Ashton-under-Hill, with Leaders Sally and Margaret.
After recent snow the going was soft, but a promise of no rain and a wind behind us, we began a steepish climb up Little Hill and Great Hill stopping to catch our breath and enjoy the panoramic views.  Below the summit, we stopped for coffeesheltered by trees, when Ian spotted a swing which his boyish nature could not resist. From here, we began a gradual descent from the heights, meeting a bit more mud and trying not to slip, although Jenny G. fell elegantly, but soon compensated by the sight and sounds of lambs all about us.  There were many signs of Spring today - skylarks, buzzards, some of us lucky to see roe deer on the hillsides, and although not sunny,  a bank of primroses and daffodils provided a wealth of colour.
Back at the Star Inn, basking in the warmth of the dining room where heads of deer and antlers adorn the walls, we learnt that  Mary M’s Great Great Grandfather once ran this Pub.  A new member of the Walking Group joined us today, Jane, with more than a passing resemblance to Pamela who joined us for the walk - good to see you, Pam.  We hope to see Jane on many walks with us.  Thanks to Sally and Margaret for a lovely walk on Bredon Hill.  (Do read the poem, “Bredon Hill” from a Shropshire Lad, by A.E. Housman.) Many thanks to the talented family of Betty and Graham for the report and photos -SF

Up the hill we go
(photo by Graham)

A few stiles  (photo by Graham)

Time to chat
  (photo by Graham)

All together now!    
(photo by Graham)

Walk  1215

Date  Thursday 22nd March     6 miles     Moderate         Pub Lunch
Meet        The Fox Inn, Little Barrington.  OX18  4TB   Grid 192131   9.45 for 10.00
Contact    Calvyn and Steve      01684 296684  The week before.
Directions    B4077 to Stow. A424 Stow to Burford, but after Wyck Hill  turn right onto minor roads signposted Rissingtons  and The Barringtons.  Follow road signs to the Barringtons passing Rissington Airfield. Drive through Great Barrington towards Little Barrington and the River Windrush. The Fox Inn is just over the bridge on the left.
Details    This walk has more bridges than Venice and more stiles than Versaci. It is a circular  route around the Windrush Valley. The walk passes through the Barringtons, Windrush village and the edge of the Sherborne Park Estate. It is a series of gentle rises and descents along a mixture of lanes, tracks, paths and field walking. It is likely to be damp and muddy in places.

Because the windrush valley was waterlogged when we did the prewalk I’m moving the walk to higher ground.
We shall now meet 9:30 at Cleeve Hill golf course to preorder at the club house.
We shall set off at 10, for a circular walk of about 6 miles.

With the melting of our recent snow cover, we are all having to alter our walks in order to avoid the worst of the muddy and wet terrain underfoot.  So, rather than using their intended route, Calvyn and Steve led the 18 of us from Cleeve Hill golf club, up over this lovely limestone grassy hill with its spectacular views.  It was a dry day with a bit of a cold wind, but not too bad for walking. We passed the impressive Postlip Hall and climbed up a long steep hill through lovely woodland. At the top we took a thankful rest for our coffee break.  Betty gave us the quote of the walk at this point by asking " Where have you got the ladies, Calvyn" .... to which he could not resist replying," Locked up in a cupboard at home"
There was enough snow in patches for Calvyn to throw a well aimed snowball at Steve. At one point we could have done with skis to traverse across a strip of snow a foot deep. We made it to the top at length where we enjoyed watching someone being lifted off his feet by a wind kite skateboard.
After a 6 mile trek and 2 long steep climbs, we were more than ready for our delicious lunch at the golf club. Thanks go to Calvyn and Steve for a super and fun walk.  (And thenks too to Anne T for the report and to Graham for his super photos - SF)

The bridge over the Isbourne    (photo by Graham)

Cosidering alternative transport
   (photo by Graham)

Oh . . . behave yourselves!
   (photo by Graham)

   (photo by Graham)

Walk  1216   Circular Challenge    2

Date  Wednesday 28th March   6.2 miles  Moderate/Energetic  Pub Lunch
Meet             The Royal, Charlton Kings  GL53 8JH  Grid 965204  9.15 for 9.30
Contact          Bob and Kath Price     01242 232527  the week before

Directions      Leave A40 on A435 Cheltenham to Cirencester Road.  Left at first traffic lights, then immediately turn right into Horsefair Street.  Keep going right on one-way system round church.  Pub is on left, opposite west door of church.
Details            Meet at The Royal, take cars to start of walk near Ham.  Take Challenge route up moderate slope to Colgate Farm, then down to A40.  Join Cotswold Way north, steep climb before descent to Hewletts Reservoir and rejoin Challenge Route back to  Ham.

Fourteen of us met in Charlton King’s for the second in the series of Circular Challenges, so named because each walk is circular and includes a different section of the 25-mile Cheltenham Circular Footpath. Being true U3A walkers, we were undaunted by the persistent drizzle which greeted the day. Nor were we dispirited when our worthy leaders told us that the walk had been extended from 6.2 miles to 7.2 miles to avoid the need to drive from the pub to the set-off point. Having strolled along for a while with the gradient gradually increasing, we faced the challenge itself – a steep muddy climb up a hill (whose name I cannot remember).  We did not see many other hardy souls, but we were overtaken by a couple riding skewbald cobs, and we saw a solitary brown cow, with no sign of the rest of the herd who had churned up the ground. We were spared March winds, but the drizzle persisted with little respite until the final half hour or so, when there was even a hint of sunshine, giving us the chance to dry out a bit before sitting down for lunch. And what a good choice of pub – very smart, with good service and food and, this being The Royal pub, a photograph of Her Majesty looked over us as we ate.
Thanks to Bob and Kath for an enjoyable walk – we look forward to the rest of the challenges.  (Thanks to Bob W for the report and to Kath P for the photos - taken on a phone under very demanding circumstances! SF)

In the wet
   (photo by Kath P)

Still in the wet
 (photo by Kath P)
Walk  1217

Date  Thursday 29th  March      3.5 miles    Easy         Pub lunch
 Pheasant Inn, Toddington    GL54 5DT   Grid 048323  Gardeners Arms, Alderton   Meet 9.30 to order
Contact    Anne   01684 294859  the week before.
Directions      After ordering food, we drive to Stanton cricket ground car park to start the walk.
Details    Tracks,fields ,villages, lovely views  .Mud!
There were 14 of us today for this walk of Anne's, starting from the lovely and historic village of Stanton.  Our original plan was to make our way along the base of the hill, through Laverton to Buckland, and returning via the higher route back to our starting point. Unfortunately, recent snow melt and heavy rain has caused the ground to become saturated on the lower slope, so Anne wisely decided that a 'there and back' trek on the higher route would be more sensible.  Amazingly enough, given yesterday's unrelenting rain and an unpromising forecast,  the majority of our walk was in bright sunshine;  only the last few hundred yards were just a little damp - a very short light shower just before we finished.  The soil here is a thin layer over a clay base, so you can imagine the fun that we had, slipping and sliding through the constrictions between fields, climbing hither and thither up the banks to avoid the stickier patches.  Good fun none the less with lovely views over the Vale.  Lunch at the Gardener's Arms was very good of course!
Thanks to Anne for leading us today.

Lots of kissing!

At Buckland church

Time for chatting too.

A few stiles

Look1 Sunshine . . .    (photo by Terry)

APRIL  2018

Walk  1218

Date  Wednesday 4th April       6 miles Moderate             Pub lunch
Meet        Beckford Inn GL20 7AN.        Grid    981 353              9.30am  to order food
Contact    Mike & Jenny      01684 772194   the week before
Directions    A46  from  Tewkesbury, Pub is on the left 1.5 miles after Teddington Hands roundabout.  
Details    After ordering food we drive to Beckford Village Hall Car Park to start the walk at 10am.  We walk through Beckford coppice hoping to see some early spring flowers. Then on to Shalden Farm and back down to Pigeon Lane, Conderton and back to Beckford, going round the nature reserve if there is time.   Note:  the route may be modified according to the weather on the day.

On a day of real April showers, 16 of us walked up Bredon hill via Court Farm up the Yellow Brick Road.  It was lovely to have Liz with us again and to see Carl, if only briefly.  We have missed you both very much.
On the way up to Cobblers Quarry and barn, we enjoyed the sight of 16 roe deer.  We were rewarded with our coffee break when we reached the top and Shaldon Farm.
Spring is on its way.En route, one bluebell was almost out!  Larks were singing overhead and hares were running around.
We walked back through the lovely historic perry pear orchard to Conderton and wandered around the beautiful nature reserve, covered in primroses and purple and white violets.
We tucked in to a good lunch at the Beckford Inn.  Thank you Mike and Jenny for yet another super walk. (Thanks also to Anne T for the report and to Shirley for the photos - SF)

Lining up for the mud    (photo by Shirley)

   (photo by Shirley)

Shelter from the wind
   (photo by Shirley)

Sitting on the fence
   (photo by Shirley)

Walk  1219

Date   Thursday 5th April        4 miles  Easy             Pub lunch
Meet        Farmers Arms, Guiting Power   GL54 5TZ   Grid  095248    9.30 for 10.00
Contact    Anne       01684 294859   the week before
Directions    B4077 Stow road and turn right just before Ford.  Follow signs.
Details    Mainly on the Donnington Way.  Roads and tracks, a few  stiles and lovely views.

Ten of us assembled at the Farmers Arms in Guiting Power on a beautiful, calm, sunny spring day which became quite warm with people taking off layers of clothing - even down to shirtsleeves! There had been much rain very recently and thus there would be much mud. Sensibly Anne had chosen a route which was mainly on metaled minor roads and there were only a few hundred yards which were were very muddy. Our route took us SSW along a minor road almost to Hawling Lodge before nearly doubling back on the Windrush Way, passing Cloud Hill and Tally Ho House to briefly join the B4068 road, then on another minor road before joining the Warden's Way back into Guiting Power. As we were early, we took the time to relax in the sunshine in the churchyard,  before good food at the pub.  (Thanks for the report Hugh, and for the photos Bob!  - SF)

Sunny skies   (photo by Bob W)

Mind the puddle
  (photo by Bob W)

Say cheese !
  (photo by Bob W)

Lunch in sight
  (photo by Bob W)


Date   Tuesday 10th April        Cheltenham   
Meet        Pitville Pump Rooms car park at the back.         10.30 start
Contact    Bob & Kath     01242 232527   the week before to book on.
Directions    A435 into Cheltenham.  Continue past race course r’bout and turn left into Western Approach Drive to access car park.
Details    A gentle walk around Pitville park and the surrounding area.

We must be doing something right!  Just as the 16 of us parked up in the Pump Room car park, the drizzling rain that had  been forecast to last all morning, stopped, and we enjoyed  dry conditions for the rest of our stroll.  And what an enjoyable and informative excursion it turned out to be!  We set off at first through Pittville Park, past the boating lake where we saw the wonderful sight of crested grebes doing part of their courtship dance.   Then following the path round, we left the park to enter the once mean streets of St. Pauls.  But what a change has come over these rows of terraced cottages,  They are now brightly painted and renovated - very attractive and colourful.  Bob and Kath then lead us into a couple of the lovely squares of the substantial Regency houses that Cheltenham is so famous for.  At No 3 Wellington Square we came upon a plaque on the wall, covered at present with a velvet drape.  The plaque celebrated the fact that this had been the home of Forence Earengey - a remarkable Cheltenham lady who was not only a leading light in women's suffrage in the town, but had also, through great intelligence and hard work, risen from relatively humble beginnings to become a considerable figure in the world of law.  The plaque, we learned, was due to be unveiled by the mayor at 3.00 pm.  We couldn't wait though, there were so many other  lovely houses with spring breaking though in the gardens, blossom and green buds all about us.  A lovely wallk, thanks to Bob and Kath for all their hard work to make it so interesting.

In Pittville Park

 The mean streets

Outside No 3

Victorian letter box

Walk  1220

Date   Wednesday 11th April          5 miles Mod/Ener       Pub lunch
Meet        The Farmers Arms,  Wellington Heath, HR8 1LS Grid 712403 9.30 to order food
Contact    Tony & Jennifer    01684 276960   by Sunday   before    
Directions    Leave Ledbury on B4214 towards Bromyard, after ½ mile turn right signed to Wellington Heath. At top of hill turn sharp right into Horse Road. When the road divides take right fork to Farmers Arms.
Details    A walk along country roads, through woods, a vineyard and fields to Coddington, then a steady steep climb onto Oyster Hill for views of Malvern Hills, Clee Hills and into Wales. Returning through Hope End with about 10 stiles.

So it being spring 2018 this meant yet another grey day for 19 of us to set off on another jolly walk. Just a few drops of rain as we gathered - but that was all the rain we had, yay!
So all things considered we had a pretty mud free and fortunately uneventful walk in a pleasant area of valleys and woods oh and hills.
We set off at a cracking pace only as we reached the top of the first hill to discover that Tony thought he was keeping up with me, while I thought I was keeping up with him.
After passing through some vineyards we came eventually to Codington church for our coffee stop. A nice local lady opened the portacabin loos for the ladies. Given the state of our footwear we gave the kind offer to look around the church a miss.
So onwards and upwards to Oyster hill which in normal circumstances would have provided panoramic views. But not for us today.
There being no more uphill left, we traveled downwards past the Hope End estate. Once purchased by Edward Moulton-Barrett of Barrett-Browning fame and no relation to our leader I assume seeing as which side of the fence we were. The main house was recently a hotel but not any more.
We continued downwards past a very elegant stables and barn conversion to reach the pub.
I looked longingly at the very long playground slide but restrained myself, it being a bit wet.
The Farmers Arms turned out a very nice lunch.
So thanks to Tony and Jenifer for a nice walk somewhere different and for only mentioning three times how nice and sunny it had been on the walkover previously.  (Thanks go to Calvyn for his report and photo, and to Graham for the other photos - SF)

A bit of a climb    (Photo by Calvyn)

Whose garden is this?
   (Photo by Graham)

Bottoms up!
 (Photo by Graham)

The views from Oyster Hill
 (Photo by Graham)

Walk  1221

Date   Thursday 19th April    26th         6 miles   Moderate/energetic.  Pub lunch
Meet        Duke of York, Berrow, (on A438)   WR13 6JQ   Grid. 782355  9.30 to order food then drive to Hollybush car park for 10.00 start.
Contact    Jim & Margaret      01684 296773   the week before
Directions    From Tewkesbury, over The Mythe bridge on the A438 towards  Eastnor. Pub is on left shortly before junction with B4208
Details    We walk along woodland on the east side of Ragged Stone hill and Chase End hill then up onto Howler Heath. From White Leaved Oak we follow the path round the bottom of Ragged stone hill back to                 Hollybush CP returning to the D of Y for lunch.

15 of us assembled at the Duke of York pub at Berrow on a beautiful warm sunny day (what a change from the last  few months) so that our lunchtime food could be ordered. We then took several cars up to Hollybush Car Park to start the walk. We walked along the woodland of the Birtsmorton Estate with good views to the Cotswold Escarpment and a carpet of bluebells in the woods. We took a slight detour for our coffee stop in a sunny wooded glade filled with daffodils and wild flowers before heading to the hamlet of White Leave Oak were a stop at a roadside plant stall was made by several walkers. Finally we  walked around the base of Ragged Stone Hill before returning to the Hollybush Car Park. What a joy to be able to walk in shirt sleeves and one person also
wore shorts.
Back to the Duke of York for our enjoyable lunch which was served promptly. Plenty of food and good value.
Many thanks to Jim and Margaret for arranging the walk. Lets hope the good weather stays with us!  (Thanks slso to Justin for the report, and to Terry  and Pamela for the photos - SF)

Bluebell woods    (photo by Terry)

At Chase End
   (photo by Terry)

The always entertaining village notices at Whiteleaved Oak
   (photo by Terry)

Encouraging cyclists up the hill!
   (photo by Pamela)

Walk  1222

Date   Wednesday 25th April    5 miles  Easy     Pub lunch
Meet        High Orchard pub, 2, St Annes Way, Gloucester   GL2 5FZ    9.45 for 10.00
Contact    Hugh & Fran    01452 780460  the week before  (
If you do not get a reply when you phone Hugh to book on for this walk  then try Fran on 01684 491698.)
 Directions    To Gloucester and then the A530 Gloucester Western Bypass. Pub is across the road from Sainsbury’s, adjacent to Llanthony Priory.
Details    A mainly level walk on cycle paths, minor  roads and footpaths with a busy main road to cross at the end.  We walk alongside the Sharpness canal and  the Severn Way past the Lower Parting.  One or two stiles.

The ten of us had a dramatic start to our wlk today. Entering the car park of the High Orchard pub by way of the 'out' route, we were confronted by a bristling, heavily tattooed man in a singlet bent on our removal.  Our leader Hugh soon placated him however, and we were booted up and walking up the road to join the canal in no time at all.  At this point the walls of the bridges are well decorated with crude graffitee, but we quickly left this behind and met instead a series of smart canalside developments ,  At length we reached Hempstead Bridge and made our way up the quiet Rea Lane to join the Severn Way heading north.  Meeting a couple of horses in a field here gave Kate an opportunity to make yet another animal chum who then followed her for quite some while.  A good deal of this route up to Lower Parting is reclaimed waste disposal land, dotted with vent tubes, but remarkably lush and home to a fine population of sheep and lambs.  After our short break the weather gods recalled that it was April, so visited us with a series of showers and fine sunshine, coat on, coat off, coat on, coat off, and so on!  Still, nothing too heavy until after our good and inexpensive lunch at the High Orchard.
Many thanks to Hugh who so often takes us to these new and unexpected delights!

Starting on the Severn Way

Me and my chum!

Not all rain

Restored rubbish dump

Walk  1223

Date   Thursday 26th April         6 miles      Moderate/Energetic          Pub Lunch
Meet        Daneway Inn, Daneway nr Sapperton.  GL7 6LN  Grid 939034  9.30 to order
Contact    Sonia       01684 298409 during the week before.
Directions    M5 South from Tewkesbury to Junc 11A. A 417 until last junction before Cirencester signed Daglingworth.  Will give additional local directions on booking,as SAT /NAV takes you an interesting way!
Details    Various sections of ancient woodlands,one long gradual climb from Sapperton. Field and lane walking with 3 interesting Nature Reserves, and a long mostly level stretch of disused Thames and Severn Canal.
9 reasonable stiles.

MAY  2018

Walk  1224

Date  Wednesday 2nd May     5 miles     Easy/Moderate     Pub lunch
Meet        Lammastide Inn, Brookend  GL13 9SF     Grid 684021  9.30 for 10.00 start.
Contact    Richard & Eileen    
Please note that Richard and Eileen’s number is now 01684 274197    by Sunday before.   
Directions    M5 to Jn 13, then A38 to turning for Breadstone, Halmore and Purton.  Turn right and  follow road to Wanswell.  Turn right and right again and pub is on left.
Details    We walk lanes to the Sharpness Canal and follow this to Sharpness Marina pausing  to inspect  The Hulks.  Then we pass the old docks and back to the pub.  Splendid  views of the Severn Estuary.  No stiles and one slight incline.  

Message from Richard 12/4/18  -  
If you are coming on the walk 1224 on 2nd May, you will need to pre-book your food.  The website for the pub menu is:
 Please let me know your choice when you book on, and remember, my number is now  01684 274194    or email me.


Walk    1225  Cheltenham Challenge 3

In view of the mud around at the moment and the need to avoid another steep climb,  Bob has made some changes to the next Cheltenham Challenge Walk:
Thursday 3rd May
 Distance 5.3 miles   Moderate/Energetic  Pub Lunch
The Grid Reference for the meeting point at the car park on Daisy Bank Road is 950189  meet at 9.30
The car park is on Daisy Bank Road, off Leckhampton Hill between Cheltenham and the Air Balloon.
The route will proceed to the end of Daisy Bank Rd then ascend Leckhampton Hill and join the Cotswold Way with views across the Severn Valley before descending to re-join Daisy Bank Road. We will then ascend Leckhampton Hill Road before turning right and descending to Leckhampton Church and onto Moat Farm. Then return to the start via Leckhampton Village.
shall drive to The Royal at Charlton Kings for lunch.
 Please let Bob know your lunch order when you book on.   The link for the pub is:

Date   Thursday 3rd May    6.5 miles   Energetic         Pub lunch
Meet        The Royal, Charlton Kings  GL53 8JH  Grid 965204  9.15 for 9.30
Contact    Bob & Kath     01242 232527   the week before
Directions    Leave A40 on A435 Cheltenham to Cirencester Road.  Left at first traffic lights, then immediately turn right into Horsefair Street.  Keep going right on one-way system round church.  Pub is on left, opposite west door of church.
Details    Across fields to A40 and join Circular Challenge Route for a long uphill section, where the final part is steep. The remainder of the route is fairly level, before a final descent to the start.


Date   Tuesday 8th May               Kemerton                   
Meet    In lane by Kemerton Church.    10.30 start.  Numbers are limited and you must book onto this Stroll.
Contact    Pamela        01386 725547     the week before
Directions    To Bredon then Kemerton and turn right at war memorial.
Details    A chance to explore the Nature Reserve.

Walk  1226

Date  Thursday 10th May    6 miles    Mod/Ener             Picnic
Meet        Village Hall, Upper Soudley  GL14 2UA   Grid 657104      9.45 for 10.00
Contact    Margaret & Terry    01684 772278    the week before
Directions    A38S to A48 to Elton Garage, then turn right to Littledean.  Right at mini r’bout then left in 200 yds sp Soudley (2 miles).  At cross roads straight over and down over bridge to village hall.
Details    A different walk, mainly on forest tracks with plenty of undulation and the odd view point.  Also waterside picnic spot.  Maybe bluebells.  No stiles.

Walk  1227

Date   Wednesday 16th May     5 miles  Easy             Pub lunch  
Meet    Free Public Car Park in Upton upon Severn - opposite Upton Parish Church, St Peter & St Paul  WR80JQ.                 Meet at 9.30  
Contact    Graham & Betty    01684 594331    the week before
Directions    A38 from Tewks, then left to Upton.  Left into and through town.
Details    A mainly level walk, with some gentle hills,  starting along the old railway track to the cholera burial ground then  past the old Mill House and the site of Hanley Castle- on the way to 12th Century Hanley Castle Church of  St Mary’s with both Saxon & Norman influences,with 15th Century  almshouses  close by, a peaceful place for a coffee stop. Plenty of little known tracks during the walk enjoying views of the Malverns.
Lunch will be at Ye Olde Anchor in Upton and their menu will be emailed after booking, for your choices.

Walk  1228

Date   Thursday 17th May      5 miles  Mod/ Ener    Café lunch/picnic/own arr.
Meet    Winchcombe Station GR 027297      9.30 start
Contact    Ian & Kathy 01684 290542 the week before.
Directions    Take A46 out of Tewkesbury. At Teddington roundabout straight on to the                  B4077     then right onto B4078 to Greet and Winchcombe. Station on the left, just through Greet.
Details    We catch the 10.11 Steam Train to Gotherington Halt. Cost of
train journey £4 single. We then walk to join the Gloucestershire Way, past Dixton Manor and up over Langley Hill to Winchcombe. We will not start walking until about 10.25am and therefore do not anticipate finishing until 1-30pm.

Walk  1229

Date   Wednesday 23rd May     4.5 miles Easy +  (Puffer Style*)        Pub lunch
Meet         Great  Western Arms Blockley. GL56 9DT  Grid 166 351  9.45 for 10.00  Contact    Stan    01684   293319    the week before
Directions    A44 from Broadway up Fish Hill  - Left turn after turn for Chipping Campden.  Right at Village T junction, immediate left, and pub is to left at next junction.
Details    Walk follows Diamond way to the A44 then north past Upton Wold farm to Norcombe woods,  A mix of open fields, tracks, woods  and village streets.      A long incline to start and a short steep slope near end will be taken in short plods with lots of stops!

Walk  1230

Date   Thursday 24th  May       6 miles  Energetic             Pub lunch
Meet    Butchers Arms, Mickleton. GL55 6SD    Grid  162434          9.30 for 10.00
Contact    Steve & Justin    01684 295438  week before.
Directions    A46  out of Tewkesbury. At Teddington roundabout straight on, the B 4077 to Toddington. Left at roundabout onto  B4632 to Broadway. Keep on the     B 4632 to Mickleton. In the village take a left turning by the  Nisa Local Supermarket, past the Three Ways House Hotel ( Pudding Club) and the Butchers Arms is about 300 yards on the right.
Details    From Mickleton we climb up Bakers Hill, through Bakers Wood to Hidcote Boyce via a section of the Heart of England Way. Through Hidcote Boyce we walk to the top of Bakers Hill, before descending gently to Hidcote Bartram. Return to Mickleton is via a descent near Kiftsgate Court and the path leads back to the village whilst passing through the churchyard. The walk consists mainly of field footpaths with some lane walking. Approximately 3 stiles and lots of kissing (gates). Stunning views over the Vale of Evesham, and some interesting First World War connections.

Walk  1231

Date   Wednesday 30th May                4/5 miles Easy              Pub lunch
Meet        Gupshill Manor    Tewkesbury                           9.30 for 10.00
Contact    Barry      01242 522973         the week before
Directions    A38 out of Tewkes on right just after Aldi.
Details    A gentle walk around Tewkesbury and its outskirts.

Walk  1232

Date   Thursday 31st May         6 miles               Energetic       Pub Lunch
Meet             Black Horse Pub  Cranham      GL4 8HP    Grid 896130      9.30 for 10.00
Contact       Andrea & Sonia     01684 294676 during the week before.
Directions       Take M 5 South as far as 11A Junc. Keep on A 46 lane and follow through two roundabouts,signposted Painswick. Turn left to Cranham on Buckholt Rd. The lane to the Pub is at the bottom of the hill on the rt.
Details           We walk through Buckholt Wood to pick up the Cotswold Way to reach the Painswick Beacon where there are lovely views.  We walk on the Wysis Way into Paradise and back through attractive valleys to Cranham Common.  It is an energetic walk as we climb 950 ft in total. There are about 6 stiles.

Thanks to all walk leaders for your hard work. 


Nearly all the photos on this page have been reduced in size and resolution to save both space and bandwidth.  Should you want a copy of any of the photos, Stan would be happy to supply a copy of the original file - just quote the walk number and the photo title.


The Walking Group has a mobile phone to be used before and during walks for emergency contact — see paper programme for number.

We are affiliated to the Ramblers Association and the membership card above may be used to obtain a 10 percent discount on walking gear in most local outlets.

If you require a paper copy of the walking programme, there is a charge of  £3 p.a., payable at the Walking Group AGM or at the U3A enrolment meeting. If you have internet access, then all information can be obtained by email, free of charge.

Walks are graded to give some idea of what to expect:

Stroll: A short walk at an easy pace with frequent stops.

Easy: Undemanding and mainly level with occasional gentle ascents or descents. There may be a few stiles.

Moderate: Some uphill/downhill stretches - unlevel walking - several stiles.

Energetic: Some longer steep hills and rough ground - may be many stiles.

Please book with the leader of the walk by the date given and arrive in good time before the start to boot-up and order lunch etc. Be sure to cancel with the leader if you are later unable to take part. Wear suitable shoes/boots and clothing for the walk and do not over-estimate your abilities. An attendance fee of 50p is charged for each walk attended. Dogs are not allowed on walks.


Walk Talk  

The Ordnance Survey has a service now that enables you, for an annual subscription of £19.99, to download and print off extracts from the OS maps that we use for our walks - anywhere in Britain!  - no more having to fold and unfold vast sheets of paper in the wind and rain - bliss! (Stop Press!  There is now an "App" for smart phones that does all kinds of amazing stuff!)  A real bargain - for a free trial go to -




a) Carefully read the walk description to ensure that you are capable of walking the route at a moderate pace (about 2 miles per hour) without risk to health. Attention should be paid to the EASY/MODERATE/DIFFICULT grading as well as to any references to steep climbs, stiles, etc.

b) Dress sensibly. Make sure that you have suitable clothing and footwear for the weather expected. A walking pole or stick can be of great help.

c) Remember to carry any medications that you might need. Carry food, and water, especially on hot days.

d) Follow instructions given by the leader. Keep those in front and those behind you, in sight all the time.

e) Keep to the route indicated by the leader: do not devise shorts cuts, etc.

f) Walk in single file on roads and heed any advice about crossing roads given by the leader.


g) Classify your walk as STROLL/EASY/MODERATE/ENERGETIC. Mention any steep climbs and stiles.

h) Limit your walk to a maximum numbers that you think you can safely manage, given the nature of your walk.

i) Have a co-leader to act as back-marker: count the party at the start and at suitable points during the walk

j) Carry a first aid kit or ensure that someone else in the group has one.

k) Set a pace of about 2 miles per hour plus coffee and lunch/tea stops. Ensure that those finding the pace difficult have sufficient time to rest and recover, even if this is not favoured by more energetic members.

l) Carry a map, the group mobile phone and GPS receiver to make emergency calls and give exact locations.


To download a copy of the Leader's Walk Plan Form (In Adobe Acrobat Format ie PDF) — Click on the following link FORM



To go to further advice for leaders  -  Click on the following link Advice


To go to The Tewkesbury U3A main site click here; Tewkesbury U3A





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