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Due to the unpredictability of numbers attending each walk it will be appreciated if members advise the leaders by the dates shown. The leaders may wish to limit the numbers, which they feel, are manageable, taking into consideration car parking, lunch arrangements and the number of obstacles en route which could slow the walk. Additionally by leaving your telephone number you can be contacted in the event of cancellations etc.

A walk number that is underlined has been altered since its original posting or is a new inclusion

Earlier walk programmes have now been removed from the web pages to save space, but copies including the reviews going back to 2001 may be obtained from Stan


Walking Group Mobile phone numbers are : 0754 6069085,  0752 2958435  & 0735 4800839 -  Please note that the phones will only be operative on the morning of a walk to enable members who are running late, are lost or delayed, to contact the walk leader.  If one number does not work, try the other

 NB   1.   Walkers are requested to carry both their U3A membership cards and their ICE (in case of emergency) cards with them on all walks and strolls.
NB   2.   Members should consider carrying hand sanitizer and a face covering.  Members are urged to continue with appropriate measures to minimise covid transmission.
NB   3.    Numbers on walks are as always at the walk leader’s discretion. This may well be limited. This may depend upon a number of factors including any government diktats as well as the nature of the walk, e.g. number of stiles.
NB       4.    Where two walks are offered in a week, if you wish to go on both walks please do not book onto your second choice walk until the end of the week before. This is so that members are not denied a place on any walk by early second walk bookers.


Programme 192   January, February & March  2024

January 2024

Walk    1600    

Wednesday 10 January    3.25 miles    Easy    Lunch own arrangements
Meet        Lay-by (old road) on the B4632 road from Winchcombe to Cleeve Hill at south edge of Winchcombe, GL54 5NH  Grid 018277 for a 10.30am start
Contact    Barry on 07751170833 (evenings) or by email to the week before.
Directions    To Winchcombe, then B4632 towards Cheltenham, then as above.
Details    A walk around Winchcombe and Sudeley Castle.

Walk postponed

Walk    1601    

Wednesday 17 January    3.7 miles easy/moderate   Option of Croome canteen for lunch.
Meet        Croome NT Park car park WR8 9DW  Grid 886452 for 10.00 start.
Contact    Richard and Sonia 01684 298409     the week before.
Directions    A 38 north from Tewkesbury to the new roundabout near Upton. Turn right onto A 4104 and follow the brown NT signs to Croome.
Details    It is not necessary to be an NT member to join this walk, to park or to eat in the canteen. We will be following footpaths on the outer ring around the Parkland.  There is one short incline and may well be mud!!

Seventeen of us set off from Croome car park on a cloudy morning after a frost, not the brightest day of the week, although we did see the sun briefly later. Sonia had information and anecdotes along the route, about Croome Estates and the people who lived and worked there, which made the walk very interesting, and there was a lovely view over the lake from Park Seat where we had our coffee break. Those with arthritis or feeling fragile were allowed on the seat first, which pleased me! There was lunch to look forward to afterwards in the canteen back at Croome. This was my first group walk after a long break because of ill health. Sonia introduced me at the start and everyone was very friendly; I look forward to my next walk.

( Thanks go to Linda for her report and to Margaret and Terry for the Photos - SF)

Ready then?   (Margaret)

Some garden gate!   (Margaret)

Coffee break   (Margaret)

Three . . . . ?    (Terry)

Walk    1602    

Wednesday 24 January    4 miles    Easy           Lunch at Stroud Brewery
Meet        Car Park at Stroud Brewery GL5 2BY    Grid  SO862028     for a 10am start
Contact    Jenny and Mike     01684 772194     the week before
Directions    From Stroud take the A419 towards Brimscombe.  At Far Thrupp turn right into Hope Mill Lane just before a distinctive red and white bus shelter.  Right again into Kingfisher Business Park.  Follow the road round to the left and cross the bridge over the river.  Parking for the Brewery is on the LEFT side (The off putting notice refers to the right side)
Details    We walk along the towpath of the restored Thames Severn Canal to Wallbridge, where we will have our coffee stop. There are seats by the canal and a café which should be open and also the Canal Trust Visitor Centre.  We then walk back the 2 miles for lunch at the Brewery at 1.15pm.   No stiles but there are some steps in one place.
After lunch some of us could walk another ½ mile to Brimscombe Port where the Canal Trust have their large second-hand bookshop and music shop.
Note     Please look at Menu on the Main U3A Website and give your lunch order when booking on the walk.  We will need to give numbers and food order by Monday 22nd.
The Brewery opens at 10am so toilets should be available. Numbers on the walk will be limited; this walk will be repeated on 7 February.

The calendar might have said January, though it felt like early spring in the milky sunshine of the Stroud Valley.  Jenny and Mike welcomed us to the Stroud Brewery, alongside the Thames and Severn Canal, drawing our attention to the information board.  'Opened in 1789', it said, so, while we were busily building up our infrastructure, thought I, those across the Channel were tearing down the Bastille.  No comment.
     As the seventeen of us strolled towards Wallbridge, we were duly impressed with the work of our Georgian and Victorian forebears, who had built a canal over the river, and then a railway viaduct over the canal.
     After our apple & pear green tea stop(!), the return journey was with the sun on our backs, admiring the renovated buildings of the industrial revolution.  Even the new Waitrose had its imposing octagonal tower looming over us from the embankment.
     Before we knew it, we were back at the organic cafe of the Stroud Brewery.  I might not have known quite what I was eating, but it sure was tasty.  Thanks go to Jenny and Mike for such a well researched outing, and to Margaret for revealing all to those toying with the idea of coming on the repeat walk in a week or so.  Not to be missed!

(Thanks to Noel for his usual most literate report, and to the ever reliable Margret for the photos -  SF)

The Thames & Severn canal

The viaduct

The river

The bridge

Walk    1603    

Wednesday 31 January    5 miles    Energetic    Picnic lunch en route
Meet        Church Row, Overbury or the lane opposite the old shop, park where ever there is space. Grid 958373, postcode GL20 7NY for a 10.00am start
Contact    Geoff 07974 677597 or  the week before
Directions    B4080 from Tewkesbury to Bredon, Kemerton and finally Overbury, turn left towards the church.

Details     The paths will be wet and slippery so the route may be adjusted if yet more rain has fallen. To make it a circular route, we proceed towards the hill, pass by the turn up the tarmac road to Lalu farm and then right along Pigeon Lane. After the 2 cottages and barn we turn left up the stoney land and past barns where the path opens out into farmland. We continue to the Scots pines and rest for coffee at the bench at the escarpment woods. We return to the pines and turn right. The track here is always muddy so care must be taken. Eventually we join the tarmac road to the BT tower and continue to the crossroads and turn right, pass Lalu farm and finally reach the summit stone. If fine we can have an early lunch or at least a snack. We then return to the crossroads and down the road to Overbury.

9 Walkers gathered in their long-johns (if they had any sense) to set off for the assault on Bredon Hill, led by Geoff.

As per plan, we ascended along Pigeon Lane and it wasn't long before we reached almost the top and the seat on the ‘Wychavon Way’. I say "the seat" - there is probably more than one.

It was now clear that the whole part was suffering from wind, and a cold wind at that so we dipped down below the ridge to have a quick drink and recharge.

It was here we met another group of fools [walkers] coming in the other direction, we can only hope they were prepared for the conditions they were about to meet.

Being too late to change diet, it was decided instead to change the direction of the walk to limit the wind that way.

So instead of struggling to reach the tower, it was prudent to have wind assist and walk in the opposite direction.  Somewhere above Beckford, we nestled in a hollow to have our sarnies and whatever remained of our drink.

Before continuing on and reaching our starting point all wind-blown - but happy!

Much thanks to Geoff, the descendant of a famous Arctic explorer (possibly), for leading and being so experienced to be able to re-route at a moment’s notice.

Report from Calvyn; photos by Geoff and Website by “Stub”

1. Brave faces?

2. Banana cheer!

February 2024

Walk    1604    

Wednesday 7 February    4 miles    Easy           Lunch at Stroud Brewery
Meet        Car Park at Stroud Brewery GL5 2BY    Grid 862028     for a 10am start
Contact    Jenny and Mike     01684 772194     the week before
Directions    From Stroud take the A419 towards Brimscombe.  At Far Thrupp turn right into Hope Mill Lane just before a distinctive red and white bus shelter.  Right again into Kingfisher Business Park.  Follow the road round to the left and cross the bridge over the river.  Parking for the Brewery is on the LEFT side (The off putting notice refers to the right side)
Details    We walk along the towpath of the restored Thames Severn Canal to Wallbridge, where we will have our coffee stop. There are seats by the canal and a café which should be open and also the Canal Trust Visitor Centre.  We then walk back the 2 miles for lunch at the Brewery at 1.15pm.   No stiles but there are some steps in one place.
After lunch some of us could walk another ½ mile to Brimscombe Port where the Canal Trust have their large second-hand bookshop and music shop.
Note     Please look at Menu on the Main U3A Website and give your lunch order when booking on the walk.  We will need to give numbers and food order by Monday 22nd.
The Brewery opens at 10am so toilets should be available. Numbers on the walk will be limited; this is a repeat of the walk on 24 January.

There were 11 of us on this grey cool morning, assembled at the Stroud Brewery to commence our walk to Wallbridge and back. More dredging had been done since our last visit 2 weeks ago, and some hedge had been neatly laid. We had a new member, Claire, today, who seemed to enjoy the walk and our company. The Frome river was in spate following last night's rain, making quite a contrast with the still waters of the Thames-Severn canal. We witnessed a reed-cutting barge travelling through one of the locks.A varied lunch was promptly provided by the brewery along with their tasty brew.

Many thanks to Mike for leading the walk, writing the report and even providing photos together with Guy!   Top Man!  -   website by “Stub”

1. Meeting the reed cutter with a Volunteer

2. A Winter’s Day, Reflecting Along the Canal

3. The River Frome in spate under a Viaduct

4. An Exercise in Transport Perspective?

Walk  1604a  (New walk)

Thursday 8 February                 5 miles    Mod/Energetic   Pub Lunch
Meet                 The Wyche inn, Upper               Wyche, Malvern, WR14 4EQ  GR 770438  9.30am to Order Food
Contact             Graham & Betty                Tel: 01684 594331 or email:  the week before.
Directions         A438   Tewkesbury-LedburyRd,  Turn left A449 at Malvern Hills Hotel, 2.5 miles towards The Wyche then turn right on B4232 with roadside parking nearby.( The Wyche Inn is at the top of the hill on B4232 just round the bend on left.)
Details               From the Wyche, walk on lower slopes on the eastern side of the Malverns to British Camp, returning on the lower path on the western side, back for lunch by approx 1pm at The Wyche Inn.

After a late rescheduling because of expected heavy rain the walk took place a day earlier than originally planned. Sadly only 9 of the 19 who had booked for the Thursday could manage this, so a reduced number met at The Wyche Inn on a grey, but dry, day to set off on this lovely walk along the sides of the Malverns. The first side was what Betty euphemistically called ‘undulating’ and up and down we went enjoying the challenge eventually arriving at British Camp. The second half of the walk on the other side was comparatively smooth going and a chance to catch up on conversations with fellow walkers. We arrived back at the Inn where many enjoyed their pre ordered lunches (beware, the soup may not be as described!).

Thanks to Betty and Graham for this enjoyable walk. Thanks also to Andrea for her report, and to Graham for his photos - SF)

Nice firm footpaths

Convenient quarry boulders

The wonderful Malvern Hills

Walk    1605    

Thursday 15 February    4.7miles    Moderate/Energetic (shorter version 3.3miles available after coffee break)    Pub Lunch
Meet        Yew Tree Inn Conderton GL20 7PP     Grid 964371      9.45 for 10.00 start
Contact    Noel     01684 772526  book and order food from website by Sat before or by email
Directions    A438/A46 to Teddington Hands roundabout; 1st exit along Crashmore Lane to Overbury; turn right - pub in 400m.
Details    Climb to Cobblers Quarry and Shalden Farm (coffee), up to The Belt and down beside Overbury Wood (snowdrops), Pigeon Lane and the renovated COCO orchard.....ascent 660ft; hopefully not too muddy!

Firstly, the weather looked “ok” as 16 of us gathered near the Yew Tree pub at Conderton, where some of us would be eating later. We looked forward to being led by Noel who knows the area so well after being a member of our walking group for many years.

Off we went, anticipating our climb to Cobblers Quarry so, walking polls to the ready, and we were only to enjoy an early pause, as Noel mentioned how the COCO (Conderton & Overbury Community Orchard) group are protecting the orchard that we were passing.

Onwards and upwards to Shalden Farm, where the ever-welcome coffee stop awaited - these days I have become reluctant to sit with my back against a wall as I fear not being able to get up again! However, hill walking beckoned, as we looked forward to views from the higher slopes of Bredon Hill not forgetting the promise of Spring as we saw early daffodils and snowdrops.

It was actually sunny and warm - so our walk became even more enjoyable as we passed The Belt and started to descend through Overbury Wood.

It might be appropriate to mention the writings of local poet A. E, Housman (born in Bromsgrove) as we were walking through the country he loved so much, particularly "Bredon Hill” from ‘A Shropshire Lad’, published in 1896?

“ In Summertime on Bredon

The bells they sound so clear;

Round both the shires they ring them,

In steeples far and near.

A happy noise to hear.”

Thanks Noel , we always enjoy your walks and also on this occasion the pub grub afterwards!

Report:  Graham; and photos: Phil; website “Stub”

1.           Present Poles!

2.           Only an Early Pause

3.           Attention – [another] Ever-welcome Coffee Stop

4.           Inattention: pondering "Bredon Hill”?

Walk    1606    

Thursday 22 February    5 miles    Moderate   Lunch own arrangements
Meet        Ramblers car park    Painswick Beacon     GL6 6TH     Grid 868105         9.45 for 10am start
Contact    Terry & Margaret     01684 772278     the week before    
Directions    M5 to J11A, A46 towards Painswick, right onto Golf Course Road car park at far end near junction with Gloucester road  (GL6 6TH is Roccoco Gardens) 

Details    The walk is on the beacon, along quiet lanes around the Roccoco area if weather permits (Cancelled due to illness)


Thursday 22 February  Hinchwick       6 miles       moderate

Contact Mike & Jenny  01684 772194  the week before.  Picnic en route   (can call in at The Plough at Ford after the walk) 

9.45 for 10am start

3 miles after Ford turn left to Hinchwick ( no signpost) In 1 mile park in muddy layby on your left just past the turn to Hinchwick Manor GL54 1EX grid SP145 301

One steady short uphill through woods at start, the rest udulating.

Easy walking mainly on tracks. One stile


Walk    1607    

Thursday 29 February    5 miles   Energetic        Lunch own arrangements
Meet         Haresfield Beacon NT car park (pay & display)   GL6 6PP    Grid 832086  What3words: retail.quoted.paused     9.45am for a 10:00am start
Contact    John and Sylvia    01684 437462   the week before
Directions    No easy route, John suggests taking A38 to Longford, Straight across roundabout. Left at next roundabout onto Estcourt Road to Wall’s Roundabout. Exit onto Eastern Avenue. Continue along Eastern Avenue, Finley Road ( A38 ) and Stroud Road ( A4173 ) over M5, through Brookthorpe to Edge. In Edge just after Back Edge Lane turn sharp Right onto Edge Lane, shortly after take a sharp Left onto Edge Road. follow the lane for some distance the take a right onto Haresfield Lane to Harefield Beacon Car Park.  Note: probably easier to use a the post code and a satnav.
Details    An energetic walk on good even track to start with, then a stretch of downhill on rough uneven track, with a long gradual climb on the way back on grass, heading back to the start. 6 styles, one tricky one with no step. Good views.


March 2024

Walk    1608   

Thursday 7 March        4 miles    Energetic        Pub lunch
Meet        Tank Quarry  WR14 4NA   Grid SO 769470      9.45 for a 10.00am start
Contact    Jenny and Mike     01684 772194     the week before
Directions     Take A449 through Malvern, Left towards West Malvern.  Go past main car park and Clock Tower.  Road up to Tank Quarry picnic place on the left just past the Clock Tower.
Details     We make a circuit  of the Northern hills.  We start on the East side, climb to the roundel below the Beacon (which we don’t climb)and return on the West.  No stiles. Short steepish climb at beginning. Easy walking but Energetic because of.ascent.
Note    We drive back to the Nags Head at Malvern Link for lunch, WR14 2JG  (plenty of road side parking).  Please look at Menu online and order lunch when you book the walk.


Tuesday 12 March       1 mile     Elmley Castle village        Possible pub lunch
Meet        Opposite Queen Elizabeth Inn, High Street, WR10 3HS, at 10.30am
Contact    Angela and Chris           01684 294325          the week before
Directions    From Tewkesbury, take A46 for Evesham. At Teddington Hands roundabout go second Left, continuing along A46. After 5.5 miles turn Left signposted Elmley Castle & Hinton. Keep right to Elmley Castle immediately after the this junction. After 2.8 miles enter Elmley Castle village.  At T-junction turn Left. At top of Main Street; park in road opposite black & white Queen Elizabeth Inn.
Details    A short route (I mile), mostly flattish, in this attractive village under Bredon Hill. We’ll stroll on paths & quiet roads, no stiles, entirely mobility scooter friendly
Lunch     If any wish to join us, we shall probably eat at the QE Inn (lunch 12 – 2pm)  or there’s the Bredon Hill Country and Café that you passed on the A46.
Note: It is Cheltenham race week and all eating places and the roads may be busy.

Walk    1609   This walk is postponed until Thursday 28th March - Same details.

Wednesday 13 March    3.25 miles    Easy    Lunch own arrangements
Meet        Lay-by (old road) on the B4632 road from Winchcombe to Cleeve Hill at south edge of Winchcombe, GL54 5NH  Grid 018277 for a 10.30am start
Contact    Barry on 07751170833 (evenings) or by email to the week before.
Directions    To Winchcombe, then B4632 towards Cheltenham, then as above.
Details    A walk around Winchcombe and Sudeley Castle.
Note: Lunch - It is Cheltenham race week and all eating places and the roads will be busy.

Walk     1610   

Thursday 14 March   4 miles     Easy/moderate        Lunch own arrangements
Meet         Church Lane, by St Lawrence church, Mickleton, GL55 6RX, Grid 162435 for a 10.30 start
Contact    Linda and Ken    01684 772030     the week before
Directions    A46 towards Evesham, and turn right before the town, to Childswickham. At the end of the village take the left-hand fork up Pennylands Bank then turn left at the top. At the roundabout on the A44, go straight across (2nd exit onto the B 4632 to Mickleton. Park in Church lane (turn right off the High Street)
Details    A varied walk, fields, lanes, and woodland, starting with a gentle climb onto the Cotswold escarpment, passing Kifstgate and Hidcote Gardens and through the pretty hamlets of Hidcote Bartrim and Hidcote Boyce, one gentle climb, no stiles.  
Note: Lunch - It is Cheltenham race week and all eating places will be busy.

Walk    1611   

Wednesday 20 March    4.5 miles. Easy/Moderate       possible pub lunch
Meet        Bourton Vale Car Park  GL54 2LU     Fee of £6 for 4 hours  for a 10:00 start
Contact    Andrea and Bob on or 01684 294676 the week before
Directions    A46 through Ashchurch, then B4077 turning right onto Buckle Street, signposted to Bourton on the Water, cross the A429 onto Lansdowne Rd, to the High Street,  car park is on this road.
Details        This is a circular walk, from Bourton to the village of Wick Rissington and back, mostly through countryside but some sections on roads and lanes. It is mostly flat but with a 44 metre rise overall. It could be muddy as it is mostly on low lying ground.

Walk    1612   Cancelled for personal reasons

Thursday 21 March        6 miles    Moderate         Pub lunch
Meet        Beauchamp Arms, Dymock GL18 2AQ Grid 700312  9.30 for 9.45 start.
Contact    Terry and Margaret 01684 7722278  the week before
Directions    M50 to J2 Right over motorway on A417, Left in half mile through Bromsberrow Heath & Brooms Green to B4216. At Greenwood, turn left to Dymock 1 mile, turn right, pub on right, parking on left and in field if possible.
Details    Another walk in search of daffodils. Some fairly easy undulation, with a few Stiles and muddy patches. Mainly on  field, track and quiet lanes.
Lunch: please choose from the pub menu when booking the walk the week before.

Walk    1613   

Wednesday 27 March    5 miles   Easy/Moderate    Possible NT cafe lunch 
Meet        Woodchester Park NT Buckholt  car park - off B4066 Stroud to Dursley road, Grid 797015 (1 km NW from Nympsfield village GL10 3UA)   09.45 for a 10.00am start
Contact    Hugh and Sue 01452 780460     the week before
Directions    M5 J13, then A417 towards Stroud, at roundabout just before Stroud take B4066 towards Dursley, follow the brown signs from the B4066 to NT Woodchester Park. Park in NT Buckholt car park, free for NT and NT for Scotland members. £3 all day for non-NT members (no change from ticket machine). Note: do not follow signs to Woodchester Mansion or NT directions to the NT Tinkley Gate car park.
Details    A walk along the north side of Woodchester Park lakes, and returning along the south side; mainly following contour lines but with some gentle uphill slopes. Forest tracks and footpaths, no stiles.
Possible lunch at NT cafe at Tinkley Gate, use postcode GL10 3UH to find. Sadly the pub in Nympsfield is closed and for sale.

Notes for Guidance
        Information for all members (revised July 2020) 
Group Leader        Walks Co-ordinator                  Treasurer
Sylvia Murdoch           Hugh Bennett                              Tony Barrett
 01684 437462                          01452 780460     01684 276960

Walking Group mobile phones:  07546069085 and 07522958435

 Details of all walks and reports can be seen at

Walks are graded to give some idea of what to expect:

Stroll: A short walk at an easy pace with frequent stops. Warning is given about inclines or difficulties       

Easy:  Undemanding and mainly level with occasional gentle ascents or descents.  There        may be a few stiles.

Moderate:  Some uphill/downhill stretches “ uneven walking“ several stiles.

Energetic:  Some longer steep hills and rough ground  - may be many stiles.

Please book with the leader of the walk by the date given and arrive in good time before the start to boot-up and order lunch etc.  Be sure to cancel with the leader if you are subsequently unable to take part; one of the group phones will be turned on on the morning of the walk so that you can make contact in the event of a last minute delay or you become lost.
Wear suitable shoes/boots and clothing for the walk and do not over-estimate your abilities. 
An attendance fee of 50p is charged for each walk attended. 
Dogs are not allowed on walks.
Members may bring a guest but the guest must not displace a member if spaces on the walk are limited.
We usually stop for a 15-20 minute coffee-break after about an hour; so, as well as refreshments, something to sit on can be useful on wet ground.



Carefully read the walk description to ensure that you are capable of walking the route at a moderate pace (about 2 miles per hour) without risk to health.  Remember that a short moderate walk may be more demanding than a longer easy one.

Dress sensibly.  Make sure that you have suitable clothing and footwear for the weather expected.  A walking pole or stick can be of great help.

Remember to carry any medications that you might need.  There will normally be a coffee stop so carry food, and water, especially on hot days.  It is sensible to carry a small first aid kit.  A whistle is a good way of attracting attention if you need help.

Follow instructions given by the leader.  Keep those in front and those behind you, in sight all the time.

Keep to the route indicated by the leader:  do not devise shorts cuts, etc.  If you wish to leave the walk, you must let the leader know.

Walk in single file on roads and heed any advice about crossing roads given by the leader.

Be aware of the danger from ticks and hence tick-borne diseases, particularly in the summer months and near animals. Dress appropriately, e.g. long trousers rather than shorts; trousers tucked into boots, socks or gaiters.

Each walker is ultimately responsible for carrying out a personal risk assessment for every walk they undertake.

Carry identification in case of accident:  name, date of birth, emergency contact number, doctor's number, essential medications. (ICE Card)

Carry your U3A membership card which may be checked.
    Classify your walk as STROLL/EASY/MODERATE/ENERGETIC.  Mention any steep     climbs and stiles.

    Aim to carry out a walk-over (with your co-leader) of your proposed route not more than     two weeks beforehand.

    Consider all the points in the national U3A walk leaders risk assessment (attached below).     Take action as you consider necessary.

    Limit your walk to a maximum number that you think you can safely manage.

    Have a co-leader to act as back-marker: count the party at the start and at suitable points during the walk. The back marker needs to know the planned route in case the party gets split.

    Liaise with Sylvia Murdoch to obtain the leader's pack (contains: phone & charger, first aid kit, hi-viz vests)

    Carry the walking group first aid kit; however remember that you may not be qualified to give medical advice. However there may well be a member with medical training and experience on the walk.

    Set a pace of about 2 miles per hour plus coffee and lunch/tea stops. Indicate on walk details if lunch is to be late. Ensure that those finding the pace difficult have sufficient time to rest and recover, even if this is not favoured by more energetic members.

    Carry a map, the group mobile phone (as well as your own).  A GPS receiver is useful for pinpointing location. Switch on the group mobile phone before you leave home and keep it on until the walk is over.

    If your walk is along roads where traffic is expected, use the Group yellow vests for the leader and back-marker.  Walk in single file and face on-coming traffic except where visibility is obscured.
Ask for volunteers to write a report on and take photos of the walk and forward them to:
Having collected 50p from each walker, pass the money together with a note of date, walk number, number of walkers and total to Tony Barrett or Sylvia Murdoch.

General Information
Walkers on the email list will be sent full details of walks every other month.  If you require a paper copy of the walking programme, there is a charge of £4 p.a., payable at the Walking Group AGM or  the Enrolment Meeting.  This will be sent to you by post.

Reports on walks already done can be seen at

We are affiliated to the Ramblers Association and the membership card may be used to obtain a 10%  discount on walking gear in most local outlets. Please contact Richard Hart or Tony Barrett if you need a copy of the card.

All walkers and leaders are covered by U3A third party insurance even in the case of negligence, although it is assumed that all will conduct themselves with common sense.
     Walk Details
Leaders, when sending details of their walks to the walks coordinator for inclusion in future programmes, need to supply the following details:

    Preferred date; length of the walk; grade, i.e. stroll/easy/moderate/energetic; lunch arrangements, e.g. pub, picnic etc
    Meeting Place with post code and/or grid reference; meet time and start time.
    Directions to the meeting place
    Details of the walk, e.g. outline of the route; type and state of ground; steep gradients;     number of stiles.
    Any special instructions or information.



Nearly all the photos on this page have been reduced in size and resolution to save both space and bandwidth.  Should you want a copy of any of the photos, Stan would be happy to supply a copy of the original file - just quote the walk number and the photo title.



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