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Due to the unpredictability of numbers attending each walk it will be appreciated if members advise the leaders by the dates shown. The leaders may wish to limit the numbers, which they feel, are manageable, taking into consideration car parking, lunch arrangements and the number of obstacles en route which could slow the walk. Additionally by leaving your telephone number you can be contacted in the event of cancellations etc.

A walk number that is underlined has been altered since its original posting or is a new inclusion

Earlier walk programmes have now been removed from the web pages to save space, but copies including the reviews going back to 2001 may be obtained from Stan

Walking Group Mobile phone numbers are : 0754 6069085 and 0752 2958435  -  Please note that the phones will only be operative on the morning of a walk to enable members who are running late, are lost or delayed, to contact the walk leader.  If one number does not work, try the other !

September  2020

Following requests at this morning's (24th Aug) U3A group leaders meeting, the walking group leadership have reviewed the policy of only permitting up to six people per walk.

Central U3A authorises following the Ramblers Association rules which permit up to thirty people on a walk. However the Ramblers have members of all ages whereas our membership tends to be somewhat elderly.
As a reasonable compromise we have decided to increase the permitted numbers as follows:_

1.    From 1 September, up to twelve people may go on our walks - this of course includes next week's walk.

2.    The number permitted on a walk may be less than twelve at the walk leader's discretion if  this is prudent.

3.    All the other group guidelines remain in place, in particular members of different households should not share lifts and lunches will still be own arrangements (or a socially distanced picnic) i.e. no pre-planned group pub lunches.

Finally members are reminded that they are responsible for their own personal risk assessment taking account of their own particular circumstances.

Sylvia, Tony and Hugh wish you all happy and successful walks and hope that in due course we will be able to relax our rules even further.

Walk    1372   

Thursday 3 September   5.5 miles   Moderate    picnic in Andrea & Bob’s garden, (weather permitting) or own arrangements
Meet        The Village Inn on Twyning Green GL20 6DF grid 903367 (N.B. not the Fleet Inn) 09.45 for 10.00 start   
Contact    Andrea and Bob on 01684 294676 the week before
Directions    A38 north from Tewkesbury, right after 3kms, follow signs to Twyning.
Details    From Twyning to Strensham via Harbour Wood and returning via Brockeridge Common. Some road walking in Twyning, otherwise open country offering views of distant hills. Four stiles.

Nine of us gathered at Twyning Inn for one of the first post-lockdown socially-distanced walks, ably led by Bob and Andrea. Conflicting weather reports meant dress was varied, from raincoats to shorts, both at different times being the wrong thing to wear.  Raincoats were too warm, but welcome when the drizzle started and George’s shorts made walking along a nettle lined path somewhat hazardous for him, despite John’s valiant efforts with his stick …..

We walked to Strensham, via Harbour Wood, where tales were told of a murderous recent owner and off-limits lakes which we were only able to see from a distance – the kitchen fish pond of the often-times ruined Strensham Manor. Signs of the start of an early autumn were all around and berries and damsons were abundant. Following a leisurely coffee stop in a wooded copse, we passed through Ley’s Farm and across the expansive Brockworth Common, previously part of the estate of the murderous owner before being sold for a song to pay his debts. Then on to Hill View at the back of Twyning and back down to the village green.

Lovely scenery and distant views of the hills, and good company – at last! Thank you, Bob and Andrea  (Thanks also to Shirley for the report and two of the  photos - Thanks to Bob for the other  two - SF)

Blue remembered hills      (Photo by Shirley)

Lost amongst the ant hills     (Photo by Bob)

Out and about - at last!     (Photo by Bob)

Over there?     (Photo by Shirley)


Tuesday 8 September
Meet        Evesham Waterside car park for prompt start at 10.30
Contact    Ken & June    01684 772564 the week before
Directions    Arriving on the A46 from Tewkesbury, carry straight on at the first roundabout towards the town centre. Cross over the River Avon and the CP is the first turning left.
Details    Mostly flat - this walk will take in the river bank, Hambleton Ferry with one gentle incline, passing the Almonry, the bell tower and back down through the park or the town or the car park.

Just three walkers today for the stroll.

Walk    1373   

Wednesday 9 September    5.5 miles      Energetic        Picnic Lunch
Meet        Meet  at Great Comberton Church    WR10 3DS  Grid  955 421      9.45am to start walking 10.00am.  All walkers to bring their own hand sanitiser.
Contact    Mike & Jenny    01684 772194     the week before  Also,
Directions    B4080 Tewkesbury to Bredon.  After crossing the railway bridge turn L on B4080 towards Pershore and Eckington.   Take the 4th road on the right (signposted The Combertons, and Deer Park)  There is a change of starting point for safer off-road parking.  We are starting from the Deer Park, so follow directions from B4080 towards Gt Comberton, but take first right signposted Deer Park.  There is parking 100 yards up the road on the right.  postcode WR10 3DN, Grid 945 410. and Woollas Hill Farm on the OS map.  Total climb will be just over 1000ft.
Details    We follow a track to the foot of Even Hill where we commence a short but steep climb through woods.  We leave the woods on a more gentle slope to ascend to the top of Bredon Hill.  We descend through grassland to Woollas Hall and then down to Great Comberton.  4/5 gates, 4/5 stiles.
Total ascent, 300m (950ft).  Lunch stop about 12.30pm towards the end of the walk.  Finish about 1 to 1.30pm.
There are frequent opportunities for toilet stops.  Boots are recommended and a waterproof jacket must be carried.  There is a short road section at the end of the walk where we must walk in single file.

As the walking group goes back to 6 persons or fewer we were lucky enough, for two weeks running, to have a walk like those of old, with several friends to talk to. 7 of us met at a shady lay-by near the Deer Park near to Woolas Hall. After all the ‘Covid’ checks we set off and climbed steadily up with great views appearing on our left; the visibility wasn’t at its best but we could see way behind the Malverns as we went higher. As it was quite warm we had an early drink break and then descended to the attractive golden stone village of Great Comberton. After making our way across fields, with some light rain to cool us, we came to the serious first climb up, 400 feet according to Jenny, at what felt about 1 in 3 gradient! Though the rest of the climb up to the Tower was less steep, we were very pleased to have reached the top and to eat our picnic lunch in the hollow. The sun was out again and the views were impressive all around. We had an uneventful descent, though steep in places, and enjoyed a look at Woolas Hall before we went back to the cars, proud to have climbed 1000 ft.
Thank you Mike and Jenny for a really invigorating walk.  (Thanks also go to Andrea for her report and to Graham for the photos - what a shame we're back to 6 again! -  SF)

Spaced out?    (All photos by Graham)

Going down

All (or some) of the world laid out before us

Well done!

Walk    1374   

Thursday 17th September      6 miles  Moderate      Picnic or own arrangements
Meet         Oak Cottage Pamington GL20 8LS  grid 943332  9:45 for 10 am start
Contact     Margaret and Sally on 01684 772095 week before
Directions     A46 to Aston Cross, right turn onto B4079, after Pamington sign third house on right. Enough parking in the drive for several cars.
Details     We walk across fields to Teddington then up and round the hill to Oxenton, returning on the Gloucester Way and back through Pamington village. Bit of road walking, mainly level, one steady but not too steep hill, 5 stiles.

When bookings started for the walk 12 people were allowed, but at the point at which 8 had booked the number of walkers was reduced to 6 so unfortunately 2 people had to drop out (decision made), by the morning of the walk it was back to 12 (but to late). So it was 6 who set off from Pamington, across the fields with a short climb to skirt around Oxenton Hill. The coffee break was taken in the lovely sunshine enjoying the views of Tewkesbury in the distance and the villages round about with the mixture of colours in the fields, greens, browns and lovely golden. Oxenton church suddenly appears from the trees before we take the road and track back towards the poultry farm which seems to be preparing for further expansion. Then out into the green lane which leads into that very pretty part of Pamington that you seldom see. Then picnic lunch in Margaret's garden admiring her large greenhouse and grape vines. Thanks to Margaret & Sally for a splendid walk.  (Thanks also to Tony for his report and photos and to Hugh for the other photo - SF)

Social distancing on Oxenton Hill    (Photo by Hugh)

At the church     (Photo by Tony)

Picnic in the garden    
  (Photo by Tony)

Since our restart in August our walks have been under subscribed at about 60% capacity. Now that we can have up to twelve on a walk there are even more spaces.

Walkers are again reminded that they are responsible for their own personal COVID risk assessment and that walk leaders will perform an assessment for their walk as a whole. There is also a standing group risk assessment which has already been circulated.

At the risk of being boring, let me again stress that walkers should carry their own hand sanitizer and face covering to use as appropriate. You should also minimise your contact with fixed objects such as gates and stiles and maintain a safe distance from others.

revious programme No.155

Walk    1375   

Thursday 24 September  5.5 miles      Energetic        Picnic Lunch
Meet         Meet  at Bredons Norton Bus Shelter    GL20 7HB  Grid  930391      9.45am to start walking 10.00am.  All walkers to bring own hand sanitiser.
Contact    Mike & Jenny    01684 772194     the week before
Directions    B4080 Tewkesbury to Bredon.  After crossing the railway bridge turn L on B4080 towards Pershore and Eckington.   Take the 2nd road on the right (signposted Bredons Norton).  Carry on through village to traffic island. The bus shelter is opposite.  There is limited roadside parking, mainly to the north of the church.
We walk to Woollas Hall and then ascend Bredon Hill.  We will do a loop around the top, and descend to Bredons Norton.One stile and a number of gates.
Total ascent,  just under 1000ft ascent. 300m
There are limited toilet stops in the first 45 minutes, but there are more opportunities as the walk progresses.  Boots are recommended and a waterproof jacket must be carried.  An early picnic lunch if weather suitable, otherwise we’ll be back at the start between 12.30 and 1.00pm.

Piper Perabo (who?) once wrote, “I don’t know how you get dressed if you live in Wales, because its pouring with rain, and then its hot sunshine, and then it might hail. It’s just so confusing.”
The same confusion applied to Worcestershire on Thursday.
We woke to heavy drizzle on the bedroom windows. By the time we arrived for the start of our walk from the bus shelter in Bredon’s Norton, we were enjoying early autumnal sunshine.
We set off from this handsome village and skirted the lower slopes of Bredon Hill. As the road gave way to track, we found our path blocked by a fully grown Stagg. This being the rutting season, confrontation was not the preferred option. Fortunately, he eventually turned in search of more attractive pickings from the mob of deer in a nearby enclosure.
The route took us across some ancient ridge and furrow to a very fine mansion house, Woollas Hall. The Hall is described as ‘an irregular mansion house of 3 storeys.’ It was built in 1611 by the then Lord of Woollash Hall, John Harford. Little is documented either about the Hall, except that it appears to have lost its ‘h’, nor of John Harford, apart from that he fathered 9 children. Sadly, none of them seem to have troubled our historians.
As we climbed to the ridge for a coffee stop at the Tower, Parsons’ Folly, we were afforded glorious views across the Severn Vale towards the Malvern Hills. Unfortunately, the same view also gave us advanced warning of a change in the weather. A ‘bible black’ sky was rapidly approaching and rumbles of thunder could clearly be heard. Time to move on! The nearby woods gave us the shelter as the rain turned into heavy hail with the added thunder and lightning passing overhead. The discussions that took place revealed a collective ignorance of what were the best precautions to take in such circumstances.
The hail, big as peas, (but in time will have grown to the size of golf balls) coated the path as we descended back to Bredon’s Norton. We entered the top end of the village and passed another fine, historic building, Bredon’s Norton Manor. Built originally in the 16th Century, it appears to have many historic links with the USA. It was once the home of one Thomas Copley who sailed with Sir Walter Raleigh to Virginia. It was also the home of Mrs Victoria Woodhull Martin, a most interesting individual who, amongst many other things, can lay claim to being the first woman to be nominated for President of the USA. It was also used as a base for Anglo American Officers during WW2.
As we returned to our starting point from this circular walk the weather too turned full circle and we were greeted with a reappearance of the sun.
This was a wonderful walk, full of interest and magnificent views…………. Little did any of us know it would also turn out to be such a hairy adventure.
Our thanks to Mike and Jenny for organising a morning that will live long in the memory.  (Many thanks to Ian for his most graphic report, and to our photographers Bob and Kath - SF)

Walkers and cows    (Kath)

Hail underfoot    (Kath)

Stylish, stilish?     (Bob)

Kings of the castle    (Bob)

Walk    1376   

Wednesday 30 September   4.75 miles     Easy   lunch own arrangements
Meet        Maisemore  village hall  GL2 8JE    grid 814213    9.30 for  10.00 start
Contact    Hugh  01452 780460 the week before
Directions    To Gloucester, A40 west to Over rCarry on round the bends in the village, and turn sharp R into a residential road with the church on your R. There is limited roadside parking.oundabout then 1 mile north on A417 (or on A417 from North, via Corse Lawn)
Details    The "Maisemore circular walk" - A very gentle walk on rising ground to Overton and Spring Hill; a steep downhill, then back along the river bank. Note: The White Hart inn in Maisemore may be open for lunch if required.


October  2020

Walk    1377   

Wednesday 7 October  5.5 miles   Moderate        lunch own arrangements
 Meet        Gupshill Manor Car Park,          09.30 for 09.45 start
Contact    Tony & Jennifer 01684 276960
Directions    Gloucester Road, Tewkesbury
Details              Through Southwick Park and Hoo Lane to Deerhurst, returning along the River Severn and back through Tewkesbury Park. One stile and one very short climb.


Walk    1378   

Thursday 8 October   6 miles   Moderate     lunch own arrangements
Meet        Snowshill Public Car Park   WR12 7JR  Grid   096340  9.15 for 9.30 start
Contact    Mike and Jenny   01684 772194   the week before
Directions    From Broadway take Snowshill Road.  Car Park on your right just after National Trust Car Park.
Details    A less familiar route east of Snowshill.  Bridleways, tracks and roads, 8/9 gates no stiles, may be some mud in places. Several gentle ups and downs 545 feet (166m) of ascent in total.  No toilets in Car Park but there is a wood ½ hour into the walk.   We walk through the village, along a bridleway, through Welshman’s Hedge Wood continuing along  bridleway and track to Snowshill Hill Farm.  Back along a bridleway to Buckle Street, then road back to Snowshill passing the Lavender fields.  We should to be back between 12.30 and 1pm



Tuesday 13 October   
Meet        Cafe end of the Morrison's car park in Tewkesbury for start at 10.30
Contact    Jan and John 01452 780591 the week before until 11 Oct.
Directions    North end of Tewkesbury bypass
Details    This stroll is along the old railway to discover the first Industrial Estate and visit the former Mitton Farm VAD Hospital to see the newly restored plaque to its endeavours. Crossing the Bredon Road we visit the "Stalinist" Estate and ponder why one road is named "Trafalgar", returning via Gas Alley and Station Road. Hopefully we will be able to have lunch at The Canterbury.


Walk    1379   

Thursday October 15      6 miles   Easy  lunch picnic or own arrangements
Meet        Tewkesbury Nature Reserve car park GR 901319 at 9.30am
Contact     Ian and Kathy 01684 290542 the week before
Directions    Take the Tewkesbury bypass from Morrisons and the car park is the third exit off the first roundabout.
Details    It's I & K’s COVID walk taking in the Nature Reserve, following the River Swilgate, the Tirley Brook, and the Gloucestershire Way.


Walk    1380   

Wednesday 21 October  5.8 miles   Mod/Energetic (Ascent  550 ft)   lunch picnic or own arrangements
Meet        Beckford Village Hall    GR 974357          9.45 for 10.00
Contact    Noel the week before   01684  772526
Directions    A 46  Evesham Road; turn left at Little Beckford; after half a mile village hall car park (free) is on left.
Details     Nature Reserve, Rabbit Lane, Grafton, Cobbler’s Quarry, Conderton Orchard, Beckford Coppice, Nature Reserve. A meandering walk above Beckford between Conderton and Grafton.


Walk    1381   

Wednesday 28 October    4.5 miles      Easy     Lunch own arrangements
Meet        Bredons Norton Bus Shelter    GL20 7HB  Grid  930391      9.45am to start walking 10.00am.
Contact    Mike & Jenny    01684 772194     the week before
Directions    B4080 Tewkesbury to Bredon.  After crossing the railway bridge turn L on B4080 towards Pershore and Eckington.   Take the 2nd road on the right (signposted Bredons Norton)  Carry on through village to traffic island. The bus shelter is opposite.  There is limited roadside parking, mainly to the north of the church.
Details    We walk along lanes through Woollas Hall along to the seat mentioned in our lock down walk.  We stop for refreshments then return along the same route.
No stiles, a few cattle grids. Total ascent, 160m (550ft), spread over several short slopes.   Finish about 12.30 to 1pm.


Walk    1381A  

Thursday 29 October  4.5 miles Energetic   Picnic lunch
Meet:             Top of the road at Upper Westmancote, or bottom of the slope if full. Grid 945381 or 941378.  GL20 7ES is mid Westmancote.    9:45 to start walking at 10:00.  Those parking at the bottom could set off a few minutes earlier.
Contact:         Geoff on 07974 677597 the week before.
Directions:     B4080 through Bredon. Half a  mile later at Westmancote take the second turning on the left where 2 roads converge onto the B4080. Continue to the end of the tarmac or retreat to the foot of the hill.
Details:          We climb the hill past the King and Queen stones up to the escarpment. Turn right and follow the woods to the summit and an early lunch. After exploring continue along the escarpment and turn right down to Sundial farm and then to Westmancote.    If fine and all are willing, it could be extended to the BT tower.


November  2020

Walk    1382   

Wednesday 4 November    4.75 miles easy/mod lunch own arrangements
Meet        Apperley village green by the pond and church    GL19 4DQ Grid 862281 09.45 for 10.00 start
Contact        Hugh  01452 780460 the week before
Directions    A38 south then B4312, second turning right after 2 miles to Apperley, left at crossroads in Apperley. Park by the side of the road outside the church and graveyard.
Details    Down a steep hill to the river, then along the river to Wainlodes, back via Coombe Hill canal and Lower Apperley. One moderate ascent,6-7 stiles, could be muddy in places.


Walk    1383   

Thursday 12 November. 7.5 miles. Moderate. Picnic Lunch.
Meet        Old Hills Car Park (Free). GR 828485 9.30am. The 1st Car Park as you approach the Old Hills from Upton Upon Severn on the B4211
Contact    Ian and Kathy 01684 290542 the week before.
Directions    From Tewkesbury take the A38 towards Worcester. Left on the A4014 into Upton upon Severn. Over the bridge crossing the R Severn and right onto the B4211. After approx 5 miles the car park is on your left.
Details    Circular walk to Madresfield (good views of Madresfield Court) then back via Clevelode. About 6 stiles and approx 1/2 mile of road walking.


Walk    1384   

Thursday 19th November    5 miles  Easy/ Mod   lunch picnic/own arr.      Meet:     Pershore Bridge, Bridge Street, WR10 1AX (closest)    9.45 for 10.00   Contact: Terry and Margaret  01684 772278  the week before                         Directions: Located on the B4084 ¼ mile south of Pershore                                 Details: Walk on tracks and arable fields to riverside path to Great Comberton. Some lane walking. Mainly flat.


Walk    1385   

Thursday 26th November     5 miles     Easy     Back by 1pm,  lunch picnic or own arrangements
Meet    Outside Kemerton church     GR 945368     10.15 Start
Contact    Noel     01684 772526     the week before
Directions    A46 to Aston Cross traffic lights, turn left; just before Kinsham fork R for Kemerton; after two thirds of a mile first right along winding lane to church.
Details    Flat figure of eight (3m plus 2m) walk along lanes, paths and tracks via Overbury Church, Crashmore Lane, Kemerton Lake (coffee), Kemerton 'Park' for picnic should anyone want just before end of walk.  4 stiles.


Barry’s Walks.  Barry runs a small  walking group (not part of the U3A) where the walks are  3-4 miles long and are easy+.  On 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of  each month, he invites people to join him if there is no suitable EASY walk of our own on that day.  There would be non-U3A members on the walk and you would not be covered by U3A  third party insurance.  There may also be dogs present.  As details are decided near the time, please phone Barry on 07751170833 if you are interested.

Notes for Guidance
        Information for all members (revised July 2020) 
Group Leader        Walks Co-ordinator                  Treasurer
Sylvia Murdoch           Hugh Bennett                              Tony Barrett
 01684 437462                          01452 780460     01684 276960

Walking Group mobile phones:  07546069085 and 07522958435
 Details of all walks and reports can be seen at

Walks are graded to give some idea of what to expect:

Stroll: A short walk at an easy pace with frequent stops. Warning is given about inclines or difficulties       

Easy:  Undemanding and mainly level with occasional gentle ascents or descents.  There        may be a few stiles.

Moderate:  Some uphill/downhill stretches – uneven walking – several stiles.

Energetic:  Some longer steep hills and rough ground  - may be many stiles.

Please book with the leader of the walk by the date given and arrive in good time before the start to boot-up and order lunch etc.  Be sure to cancel with the leader if you are subsequently unable to take part; one of the group phones will be turned on on the morning of the walk so that you can make contact in the event of a last minute delay or you become lost.
Wear suitable shoes/boots and clothing for the walk and do not over-estimate your abilities. 
An attendance fee of 50p is charged for each walk attended. 
Dogs are not allowed on walks.
Members may bring a guest but the guest must not displace a member if spaces on the walk are limited.
We usually stop for a 15-20 minute coffee-break after about an hour; so, as well as refreshments, something to sit on can be useful on wet ground.



Carefully read the walk description to ensure that you are capable of walking the route at a moderate pace (about 2 miles per hour) without risk to health.  Remember that a short moderate walk may be more demanding than a longer easy one.

Dress sensibly.  Make sure that you have suitable clothing and footwear for the weather expected.  A walking pole or stick can be of great help.

Remember to carry any medications that you might need.  There will normally be a “coffee stop” so carry food, and water, especially on hot days.  It is sensible to carry a small first aid kit.  A whistle is a good way of attracting attention if you need help.

Follow instructions given by the leader.  Keep those in front and those behind you, in sight all the time.

Keep to the route indicated by the leader:  do not devise shorts cuts, etc.  If you wish to leave the walk, you must let the leader know.

Walk in single file on roads and heed any advice about crossing roads given by the leader.

Be aware of the danger from ticks and hence tick-borne diseases, particularly in the summer months and near animals. Dress appropriately, e.g. long trousers rather than shorts; trousers tucked into boots, socks or gaiters.

Each walker is ultimately responsible for carrying out a personal risk assessment for every walk they undertake.

Carry identification in case of accident:  name, date of birth, emergency contact number, doctor’s number, essential medications. (ICE Card)

Carry your U3A membership card which may be checked.


    Classify your walk as STROLL/EASY/MODERATE/ENERGETIC.  Mention any steep     climbs and stiles.

    Aim to carry out a walk-over (with your co-leader) of your proposed route not more than     two weeks beforehand.

    Consider all the points in the national U3A walk leaders’ risk assessment (attached below).     Take action as you consider necessary.

    Limit your walk to a maximum number that you think you can safely manage.

    Have a co-leader to act as back-marker: count the party at the start and at suitable points during the walk. The back marker needs to know the planned route in case the party gets split.

    Liaise with Sylvia Murdoch to obtain the leader’s pack (contains: phone & charger, first aid kit, hi-viz vests)

    Carry the walking group first aid kit; however remember that you may not be qualified to give medical advice. However there may well be a member with medical training and experience on the walk.

    Set a pace of about 2 miles per hour plus coffee and lunch/tea stops. Indicate on walk details if lunch is to be late. Ensure that those finding the pace difficult have sufficient time to rest and recover, even if this is not favoured by more energetic members.

    Carry a map, the group mobile phone (as well as your own).  A GPS receiver is useful for pinpointing location. Switch on the group mobile phone before you leave home and keep it on until the walk is over.

    If your walk is along roads where traffic is expected, use the Group yellow vests for the leader and back-marker.  Walk in single file and face on-coming traffic except where visibility is obscured.
Ask for volunteers to write a report on and take photos of the walk and forward them to:

Having collected 50p from each walker, pass the money together with a note of date, walk number, number of walkers and total to Tony Barrett or Sylvia Murdoch.

General Information

Walkers on the email list will be sent full details of walks every other month.  If you require a paper copy of the walking programme, there is a charge of £4 p.a., payable at the Walking Group AGM or  the Enrolment Meeting.  This will be sent to you by post.

Reports on walks already done can be seen at

We are affiliated to the Ramblers Association and the membership card may be used to obtain a 10%  discount on walking gear in most local outlets. Please contact Richard Hart or Tony Barrett if you need a copy of the card.

All walkers and leaders are covered by U3A third party insurance even in the case of negligence, although it is assumed that all will conduct themselves with common sense.
     Walk Details
Leaders, when sending details of their walks to the walks coordinator for inclusion in future programmes, need to supply the following details:

    Preferred date; length of the walk; grade, i.e. stroll/easy/moderate/energetic; lunch arrangements, e.g. pub, picnic etc
    Meeting Place with post code and/or grid reference; meet time and start time.
    Directions to the meeting place
    Details of the walk, e.g. outline of the route; type and state of ground; steep gradients;     number of stiles.
    Any special instructions or information.

Nearly all the photos on this page have been reduced in size and resolution to save both space and bandwidth.  Should you want a copy of any of the photos, Stan would be happy to supply a copy of the original file - just quote the walk number and the photo title.

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