Centre Musicians

City Centre

Saturday 6th May, 2000

The famous Fenwick's window, renowned for its Christmas displays, looks sadly bereft of splendour and goods. This jazz band, The Baghdaddies are practicing and having fun are a lot more alluring.

I am still unconvinced by the window display. That drummer looks well cool.

Let us have a closer look. Hmm, nice.

Just to the north is St. Mary's Place. On the left is St. Thomas', the university church. A fine row of plane trees has been removed and the churchyard wall moved to accommodate the road widening scheme. That bus and cycle lane on the left is new.

Here, adjacent to the Haymarket Metro, is an art in the street survey in progress. The subject is the ghastly dancing stick men, one of which can be seen on the right.

These concrete dancers, strung out like those streamers we used to cut out of paper when we were small, extend round the kerb from here to the entrance to the bus station on the other side of the black Metro station. The silver poles are supposed to have water squirting up them, but that has stopped working. These crazy concrete creations are out of place and in my opinion a crass waste of my poll tax community money..

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