I am always hearing from new collectors that they can't find any books on the hobby so here is a listing of books about Toy Soldiers.

Toy soldiers are generally categorised by the type of material they are made from and I have grouped the books on this basis, ie. if a book is predominantly about Hollow-Cast Lead but includes a few Plastics or Composition, it goes in the Hollow-Cast section. Where a book is very generalist and covers the whole collecting field or just doesn't fit comfortably elsewhere it goes in the miscellaneous section. I hope this isn't too confusing, many are currently out of print but may be obtained second hand from dealers or other collectors. This is a commentary on all the books that I own but I know there are many more out there that I don't have so if anyone has a book that is not listed please send me details and I will include it. Similarly if you have updated information such as price or availability of these books please let me know.

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Creating this book list was a much bigger job than I imagined. Some of the Links are still being created.




Hollow-Cast Lead





Miscellaneous - covering all types of figures


Wargaming - with 54mm figures


Solid Lead and Flats



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Books Generally

Catalogues: I have only included catalogues which have been printed and sold commercially. There are dozens of photocopied catalogues out there being passed between collectors and much as I would like to create a page for them I just can't face doing it and would rather devote my limited webspace to putting up more images of figures. It would be nice if there was some kind of central resource for catalogues so that all collectors could access and share the knowledge they offer, but I'll leave that to someone else, cleverer than me, to sort out.

Price Guides: Generally speaking I don't like price guides but have refrained from making any derogatory comment in the book reviews above because this is my own personal prejudice. My view is that figure prices are subject to market forces just as any other commodity is and therefore price guides are potentially out of date by the time they get to print. However, publishers love them and if that justifies another book on toy soldiers being printed, well I can live with that!