This page is for all those odds and ends that defy any other categorisation but just had to be included somewhere.


This jaunty little fellow is Puss in Boots and he was given away free as a premium by the Austrian coffee firm TITZE. This range of figures is quite large and includes some very grotesque characters from childrens fairy stories such as Rumple-Stiltskin. The figures are produced in cream coloured soft plastic and come unpainted, probably made aroung the early 1970's.

Another Austrian coffee firm, LINDE also had a large range of similar free premiums, many of the figures based on the Karl May western stories and very similar in design to the ELASTOLIN range.





This horrific portrayal of a tiger bringing down some sort of antelope was originally made in hollow-cast lead and latter (as here) in plastic by French manufacturer JSF (JOUET STANDARD FRANCAIS)





You'd be forgiven for thinking that this was a member of the Ku Klux Klan! In fact it's 54mm plastic figure of a hooded penitent from a holy week procession. Made is Spain but maker unknown, probably sold as a souvenier to raise funds for charity rather than a toy.






I think this is a mythical bird fighting with a snake rather than an eagle, it rather reminds me of the symbol on the Mexican flag. The pair stand about 58mm high and are made from a very hard rubber, I assume it to be French made because I have other figures in the same material and it was a Paris fleamarket find.






Here we have Dick Turpin by LONE STAR, the horse is in quite a spectacular pose. Dick Turpin was an English highwayman (outlaw) of the 17th Century who robbed travellers on the mail coaches to and from London. He was imortalised in an epic poem about his ride on his horse, Black Bess, from London to York. Horse and rider carry no makers name but have the tell tale circular ejector pin marks of LONE STAR (see the page on Wild West). Dick is separate from the horse and has a moveable arm. A similar horse was used for the LONE STAR Zorro figure, in fact both horses are interchangeable but have slight differences, most notably one has a small rock under it's back left hoof to aid stability (as seen here)





I can't imagine how anyone would think that 54mm models of Centaurs would ever sell to the toy soldier market (mind you I bought them didn'I!) but nonetheless MERTEN of Berlin made these three beauties. Not only is the subject unusual for MERTEN but so is the scale because the company normally only made figures in 40mm and 60mm. The 40mm ranges included Landsknechts, Medieval, Arabs, Western and US Civil War. The 60mm were just Wild West and Modern Bundeswehr.




This really is the very end!

Would you believe this came from a nativity set? made by OLIVER of Spain

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