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Here are some links to other sites that will be of interest to collectors of Toy Soldiers

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Other Collectors

TOY SOLDIER ON LINE GALLERY Australian collector John O'Brien's award winning site displaying his collection of metal figures.

JOESOLDIERS Joe Carvalho's collection of figures shown in dioramas, it's my favourite site on the web.

TOY SOLDIER GALLERY Norbert Schrepf must have the best site on the net for information on Composition figures.

PLAYSETADDICT This is Joe Baker's site for playset collectors, trust me, go straight to galleries, imagin-action pages, the images are pure stunning.

WOODEN WARRIOR Charlie Horn has a great collection of WW2 figures and armour, better still he wargames with them.

THE REGIMENTAL TOYBOX Another great collectors site with the emphasis on fun.

WARFLAGS Hundreds of flags and standards beautifully illustrated for wargamers to download and print out. I think it's just awesome!

ALEX'S FLAG More flags and standards, mostly medieval and many unusual.

FLAGS AND BANNERS Yet more great flags and banners for the medieval period.

KNIGHTS OF AVALON Robert Hill has a site dedicated to toy knights and the Arthurian legend

FINTOYS Tapani Suominen has a site showing all kinds of old toys made in Finland, shows some little known composition figures by SIRO and some great semi flats of troops during the Russo/Finnish war.

THE ARMY MEN HOMEPAGE Crazy about toy soldiers? then this is the place to go.

MY METAL SOLDIERS Robert Miller shows his collection of metal AWI and ACW figures

TOMASZ BASARABOWICZ Tomasz is in Poland and is creating a site to show his collection of figures and die-cast vehicles.

ALFRED PLATH'S TIMPO PAGE Alfred makes great conversions by swopping Timpo parts around

SWOPPETS Steve Burns has a great site devoted to all aspects of Britains Swoppet figures.

FLATS - ZINNFIGUREN Just about everything you need to know about German tin Flats.

VINTAGE20MIL Dedicated to collecting 20mm wargames figures of yesteryear

SOLDATINI DI CARTA  An Italian site devoted to collecting paper soldiers

MARX FILES  The wonderful world of everything to do with Louis Marx

REISLER MODELFIGURER  Everything you need to know about the figures made by Kai Reisler of Denmark

SOLDADITOS DE JUGUETES Juan Hermida has a great site showing lots of old Spanish made figures (and others too)



PLASTIC WARRIOR MAGAZINE The premier magazine for collectors of old and new plastic figures

FIGUREN MAGAZIN The best magazine for coverage of Composition figures, also covers plastic and tinplate.

FIGUREN JOURNAL Free on-line email newsletter for collectors of all types of figures. Text English and German.

TOY SOLDIER MAGAZINE Mostly covers modern metal figures made in the old toy soldier style, also some coverage of older figures.

MINI SOLDIER GAZETTE A quarterly journal covering anything to do with toy soldiers

RAVING TOY MANIAC It is what it says it is! It covers everything.

MILITARY MINIATURES Covers 1/72nd scale figures, a very impressive site with a choice of five languages.

THE MINIATURES PAGE An e-zine (I think) for collectors, modellers and wargamers.

PLAYSET MAGAZINE Devoted to Marx playsets and the Atomic Age of toys.

MILITARY MODELING Published since 1972 it covers anything to do with Military Modeling

TOYZINE Hundreds of collectibles pictured for sale, informative feature articles, auction coverage, Online stores, FREE ads and listings, and much more...

H E NEWSLETTER Publication of the Holger Eriksson Collector Society devoted to studying the work of this master sculptor who designed figures for Authenticast, SAE, Malleable Mouldings and his own connosieur range. Contact: Lou Sandbote, HECS, 5307 E. Mockingbird Suite 802, Dallas, Texas. 75206-5109.



BMSS The British Model Soldier Society

STUDIES IN HERALDRY Brian Timms has created an outstanding resource from 11 Rolls of Arms of the 13th Century, this site is all you need to start painting up those model knights (many thanks to Robert Hill - Knights of Avalon for steering me here)

MUSEO NAZIONALE DEL SOLDATINO The National Toy Soldier Museum situated in Bologna, Italy

MARX TOY MUSEUM The Official Marx Toy Museum of Glen Dale, West Virginia.

FRANCIS FACCIOLO COLLECTION OF TOY CATALOGUES Inventory of over 500 toy catologues in the Michigan State Universities Special Collections Division.

AUTHENTICAST Shows a reprint of the 1945 Comet Authenticast catalogue

TOYADZ Remember all those great adverts in the American comics of the 1960's offering hundereds of toy soldiers for next to no money? well there all here on this site; I love it.

Click to subscribe to littlewars

What's this all about? It's an internet group interested in collecting, converting and wargaming. Mostly 54mm plastic and metal figures, it also caters for HO scale enthusiasts, how much does it cost? thats the great thing it's FREE! all you have to do is click on the icon, register with Yahoo and you're in. Heck you've got nothing to lose DO IT NOW.

Click to subscribe to MarxPlaysets

Yet another great Yahoo Group, not just dedicated to Marx Playsets but anything to do with collecting, painting and converting plastic toy soldiers

Click to subscribe to armymencrew

Discussion group of the Armymen Homepage website, it's just started so sign up and help get it kicking.

Member of International List of Scale Model Related Web Sites


Figure Manufacturers

REPLICANTS Peter Cole is certainly one of the best figure sculptors of all time, his website is pretty neat too!

HELMET KITS Napoleonic mounted and foot figures, check out the blog for great conversion ideas

AIRFIX They're back in business and this is their site. Order on-line, they also have a collectors club.

ATLANTIC Are now being made by NEXUS, take a look.

MAROLIN Site shows mostly their nativity and religious ranges but check out the accessories, the trees and buildings are great, also you can order direct from the manufacturer on-line. Language: German and English.

LINEOL Now producing 7cm figures of Medieval, Wild West and WW2 periods in resin.

HAT INDUSTRIES HAT produce 1/72 and 54mm plastic figures, their site has a gallery showing collectors conversions and painted figures.

ITALERI The Italian manufacturer of kits, 1/72 and 54mm plastic figures.

IMEX 1/72 and 54mm plastic figures plus a whole lot more.

ORION From Russia, make great 1/72 plastic figures for wargamers

DURSO I think this is actually a dealers site but it's a great place to see composition figures by this well known Belgian company

A CALL TO ARMS British made plastic action figures in 54mm and 1/72 scale

HING FAT The Hong Kong manufacturer of Airfix (and others) copy figures, now also producing original designed figures.

SOLDIER PAC Chris Bartlett produces an enormous range of white metal figures and parts ideal for building your own soldiers or conversions.

PLASTICUNDERGROUND Sculptor Jason Pope produces 1/32 scale figures in the style of the old Marx playsets.

PLASTICS FROM THE PAST  Cherileas and Charbens figures are being reproduced from the original moulds and marketed by Divina Hill.

MINI FORMA Produce a huge range of 70mm resin/plastic figures available assembled and painted or in kit form.

REDSCORPIO Repro Britains Deetail and some new production from Argentina.


STADS Based in the USA, Paul Stadinger scours the world for old plastic figures to add to his list, his website includes "Comment Time" where he keeps you up to date with what's happening in the hobby.

TOY SOLDIER HQ Based in the USA, Kent Sprecher sells an enormous range of plastic figures.

MICHIGAN TOY SOLDIER CO. Based in the USA, Rick Berry sells all types of figures and provides a lot of background information for collectors too.

STEVE WESTON Based in the UK, Steve sells a wide range of new and old figures, he is the sole distributor for REPLICANTS figures.

HARFIELDS Based in the UK, Andy Harfield sells a wide range of new and old figures, he also runs an International Collectors Club.

CANADIAN TOY SOLDIER COMPANY Samuel Daniels sells all types of toy soldiers and accessories from all over the world.


Collectors Resources

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