Medievals II

The figures on this page are all conversions that I (or occasionally other people) have made from standard commercial toy soldiers to represent historical personages



Left. Jean de Courtenay de la Ferte Loupiere, Henry V and Bouduin de Lens Sieur d' Annequin.

(All converted from figures by STARLUX and BRITAINS DEETAIL range -Henry V converted by Vince Mattocks)





Right. A Burgundian noble (suposedly Charles the Bold) with his banner bearer, Sir John Bereford and Archibald Douglas "the Grim"

(More conversions from DETAIL and one from MARX)





Left. Zantrailes stands beside a fully armoured knight struggling to hold aloft the French Royal Standard, to their left is the battling Archbishop of Sens. It seems the clergy also did their bit in the fighting back then.

(Conversions from QUIRALUX, DETAIL and CRESCENT - Zantrailes and the Archbishop by Vince Mattocks)






Joan d' Arc and Bertrand du Guesclin converted from Britains SWOPPET knights. These conversions will be sacrilege to a host of purist BRITAINS collectors but, although the originals are deservedly considered to be some of the company's best, lets face it they're not rare and never will be. Having said that they are very collectable and therefore expensive so I wouldn't personally take a modeling knife to one. I don't know who made them but I think he did a good job.





Here are another pair from the same hand as above: Humphrey Stafford, Duke of Buckinghamshire and Thomas, Lord Stanley, Ist Earl of Devonshire






You can never have too many men at arms or crossbowmen in your Medieval armies. These two were converted from MARX figures, the one standing started life as a 7th Cavalryman.









Another pair cobbled together from bits and pieces made by MARX. The spearman was originally a WW2 British infantryman with a walkie-talkie, his body was stuck on the legs af an AIRFIX medieval infantryman.









Edward, The Back Prince converted from STARLUX by modeller Vince Mattocks









These ones below were assembled "Frankenstein" fashion from all sorts of bits and pieces of figures by modeller Peter Evans.



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